Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crack Pie

i was recently at a friend’s place, catching up over a glass of wine, when i spotted the words “momofuku milk bar” on her coffee table. i lost track of what we were talking about and immediately picked up the book in search of the recipe for crack pie

i must admit, i didn’t know anything about the momofuku empire until my first thanksgiving with my husband’s family. there was a lot of chatter that night about the crack pie that had been flown in from nyc (i couldn’t believe pie had actually been flown in from new york!). but, one bite and i understood. it is off the charts craveable and something you simply can’t go through life without trying. now that i know the cookbook is just an amazon click away, we’re all in trouble! s & c… I see a night of wine and pastries in our future. who am i kidding?? many nights! ;)


(photos via cooking channel / pinterest)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Almond Milk & Tomatoes?"

i haven't checked bloglovin' in over a week. my front hall has turned into my heel & purse closet (i kick those heels off as soon as i hit the front door). i haven't been on nymag the cut in what feels like years. there is almond milk and tomatoes in my fridge (d lish right?). my dry cleaning has been ready for a week and a half. is ben from the bachelor really dating kris jenner? this isn't me venting- this is me explaining just how busy of a bee i am right now and not having the time i wish i had to blog. in other words, please forgive me for i will be back on track soon-ish.

for now i am trying to fit in a run daily before i head to my job that i love, catch up with my loved ones, while also getting that thing we all lack... sleep. balance right? it's like walkin' a flippin' tightrope. between kombucha breakfasts, 5 minute daily mail work breaks, and sweet texts from a certain someone... getting by.

so here's my lazy post. the things (and people) that keep me smiling & items i can't live without-

white walls by macklemore (on repeat)
these pita chips
this tea 
go to heels
any of these booties/boots
my rag & bone dunaway hat that hides my hang overs
weekend afternoon shoes 
my KS 'play the field' purse pouch (or so i call it that) *on sale
AG love knot ring i never take off
my skin serum savior
la crema
this spa never fails me with a mani pedi (and calling in for a last minute appointment)
2 words: pixies pants
the bag that stores my life
these fold perfectly into my purse pocket
never, ever take these off!
my sisters, mom, elizabeth, aj, & work fam (no link necessary) 

alright off to work... have a happy hump day all!


(photo via pinterest)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweet As Can Be

it was only a few weeks ago i found out my best friend's boyfriend was planning on proposing to her on her birthday which happened to be yesterday. :) i can't even begin to imagine the anticipation on his end leading up to that moment because all day i could not even begin to contain my own excitement.

she is one of those special people, those amazing friends that you are truly lucky to find and once you do, you know that whether you are 26 or 86, adele's set fire to the rain will come on, and you two will dance, sing at the top of your lungs, not caring if anyone else sees or hears you. she is the one that will jump on a bus at the last minute to nyc with you just because you need a partner in crime for a wild night out. and the one that will always be there with a smile (and fro yo) when you need someone to hear you out on that relationship that has been going on for far too long or pull you out of that funk you just can't seem to shake, always finding a way to support and love you through it. 

so when her bf proposed, it could not have more perfectly captured the essence of her and their relationship; light-hearted, fun-loving and sweet as can be. 

so of course, as girls do, i put something in the mail this last weekend as a special little engagement/birthday present. here are a number of ideas that like my friend are "sweet as can be" and you can give to your best friend when that special day comes whether it's just because or because she is joyfully screaming at the other end of the line, "I'M ENGAGED!" 


p.s. sw- you will soon find out what lil surprise is headed your way...congrats my friend! the best is yet to come...LY!

(pictures via sw/kate spade/dana rebecca designs/ariel gordon jewelry/vogue)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Skinny Buddha Sunday Funday

after cocktailing and laughing our way through the weekend, we ended it with our momma a.k.a. the skinny buddha browsing for sweaters and some new fall/winter pieces to amp up her wardrobe. we started at nordstrom checking out the latest from vince and burberry, then to all saints, and lululemon. we have to admit, the skinny buddha has amazing style so we always find ourselves wanting to borrow from her closet. the few things she went home with yesterday are no different...don't be surprised if you see k, s, or c in any of these great picks from all saints:

 c plans to copy sb and snag a pair of these rag & bone booties!
naturally we ended up at doc b's for dinner. it was sb's first time there and she is already planning her return tomorrow for a monday date night with our step dad. yep, it is just that good! the food is consistently amazing. we also love that it has a little bit of everything, whether you are craving something fried and hearty like the tennesse hot chicken or wanting something healthier like the alexis' salad or tuna burger. we were all feeling rather indulgent so we ended our meal with both the oatmeal cookie gelato sandwich AND the cinnamon toast crunch cheesecake (yes it has a cinnamon toast crunch crust with bits of the cereal immersed in the cheesecake). thankfully our lulu purchases are a great incentive to get us to the gym for early morning workouts tomorrow...

k, s, c, & sb 

(photos via all saints / c's iphone)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Three to Make a Statement

just like the perfect lipstick, a statement bag can instantly take your outfit (and confidence) from zero to ten.

what girl hasn't dreamed of owning a chanel purse? i know this bag would get a lot of wear and it's one i'd have for a lifetime, plus i know our fairy godmother would approve;) 

it was love at first sight when i saw this bag. the ultimate everyday classic carry-all. 
#1 on my holiday list. i am all about the subtle statement when it comes to handbags. red suede interior? swoon subtle statement! 

i'm a classy lady with a lil' edge ;) i need a bag that reflects that. i love the color, detail, and hardware on this bag. i might need to head over to oak street this weekend to make it mine...

we're heading to a halloween gala tonight with some of our nearest & dearest girlfriends. we can taste our cocktails already... is it 5pm yet?! t.g.i.f.  

k, s, & c

(photos via chanel / sterling & burke / tory burch

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cooking This Week: Ribollita

traveling through italy last fall, we had dinner with a family friend in florence. he took us to a trattoria that serves typical tuscan dishes (trattoria del pennello). of all the items on the menu, he suggested we try the ribollita... and thank goodness he did! we loved it, ordered it again in siena (where the waitress also insisted) and of course looked up the recipe the week we returned home...

this traditional (super simple) tuscan dish is best in the fall/winter. one of the reasons we look forward to the leaves changing color and the cold weather rollin' in... it means we get to warm up by the fire and cook up some good peasant soup! the simple things in life.

try this recipe at home, pair it with a great tuscan wine and cozy up for the night...

kale from green grocer / always keep carrots & celery on hand during soup season

if you're into making soups - a staub is a must!  


ps. be sure to toast a piece of bread (my fav - whole foods ancient grain) and drop it in the bottom of the bowl (before the soup). top the soup with a drizzle of olive oil & parmesan and voila! deliciousness. #stys


(photos taken by k)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter to C

this one is for all the little sisters...

dear c,

as your older sister, someone who has had just a few more years of life experiences than you (doesn't make me too much wiser but hey, i'll try), it is my job to be just a phone call away when you need me, to always listen and remind you, that you my friend are one fabulous kick ass lady.

there are going to be times when you put yourself out there, open yourself up to the possibility of what could be knowing that it might never be. knowing that it might not work out, knowing you might not get the response you wanted, but i guarantee that keeping an open heart and mind, will always guide you down a path full of love, compassion, and true honesty, a life with no regrets.

friends, boyfriends, and just people in general can be disappointing. but in the midst of the disappointment, confusion and what can be called nothing other than bullshit, there will be moments that will define you, help you to grow, and will give you a sense of perspective. this perspective is priceless.

and in the mean time, i think your friend mo had it right when she sent this to you today:

so let's plan an adventure, remain open, confident, and humble, you bring the smart-ass comebacks and i will bring the quick wit (followed by dirty jokes, you know i am capable of that) and remember your presence is beautiful, both inside and out. 

s, your big sister

p.s. as skinny buddha has told us, "you're not easy, it's going to take a strong man to be with you, one that is not intimidated and can keep up with you." in the mean time, let's remain always "powerfully sexy."

(picture via pinterest and quote via @rosielondoner insta)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

He Told You So

as the sole male contributor to she told you so, i don't think you'll be finding anything too groundbreaking when it comes to traditional men's interests- sports, beer, hunting, hangin' with the bros... yeah, definitely not my forte. there's a reason why i love the ladies of she told you so and a part of that has to do with our interests being very much aligned. with he told you so- expect tales of my latest fashion obsession (which will inevitably become my latest irrational splurge), the perils of dating in the big city, travel, and wishing that you had more time (and funds) to take advantage of it, interior design tips, and more gems from my busy, but always rewarding life.

speaking of my life- it's been a bit transitional lately as i started a new amazing job last week, i'm moving back to the gold coast in 2 weeks AND for the first time in over 3 years- i now have a boyfriend. even saying the words "i have a boyfriend" seems so unnatural to me. it's obviously been far too long. trying to take everything in stride, but i'm the happiest that i've been in a long time and i know that it comes from hard work and surrounding yourself with positive people who genuinely support and care about you (much like c, s, k, and of course, the skinny buddha). looking forward to sharing these adventures as they develop with designing my new apartment, managing my new job (which thankfully involves quite a bit of travel to fun destinations!) and not completely sabotaging my relationship. trying to balance it all and thankfully i've got a great team of ladies on my side.


(photo via pinterest)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sister Sunday Funday

yesterday we had a sunday funday of sister shopping for anything and everything that of course we didn’t really need, but what would be the fun in shopping if it was based on necessity??

c picked up a pair of gilded jacquard pants from j.crew that only she can pull off…k got these dolce vita booties at bloomies (per c's instructions) and a great fall sweater staple from aritizia. s has been eyeing houndstooth and made off with a great pencil skirt from j.crew. this is what all three of us would call sunday success.

we ended our day at doc b's fresh kitchen on walton which is fast becoming our fav go to-place for cocktails, lunch, dinner, and now dessert. we devoured the oatmeal cookie with salted caramel gelato sandwich... we're already planning our return. tonight? who's in?

k, s, & c

 c's purchase

will pair with chambray, mint green heels, 
& top the look off with a big necklace like this one

will pair with a chunky black sweater or
leather paneled top

will pair with everything & already
wanting the black ones!

(photos via jcrew / piperlime)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do What Makes You Happy #STYS

we have been asked the following lately- how did you come up with stys? when did you come up with it? and lastly how did any of you find time to put the blog together? we can't pinpoint when we came up with stys. it was trial and error of searching for urls we felt good about (and lots of bottles of wine). but you can read our first post to find out why we started it. the last question makes us laugh. we have no idea when we find the time, but we make it work. we all juggle full time jobs, a busy social calendar, family outings, and so much more, but somewhere between the fun craziness... we find the time for stys and it makes us happy.

we are overwhelmed and blown away by our family, friends, and people we don't even know (yet) in the uk, south africa, costa rica, switzerland... and the stys audience list goes on & on. we've received the nicest fb messages, texts, emails, and phone calls thanking us for putting together a blog that people can really relate to. one of our favorite messages was from our cousin in regard to c's blog post screen shot. our cousin is a writer and said one of the biggest things you can do as a writer is make someone else feel too. thank you cuz ;)

whether it's our best girlfriends, people we haven't heard from in years via fb, guy friends (yes, we said guy friends), or people we don't even know yet sharing how they feel after reading stys- a BIG thank you. your kind words and messages mean so much to us. we are doing this because it makes us happy. if you find someone that makes you happy, hold onto them. if you find people who are genuinely happy for you when you have good news, never let them go. if your job doesn't get you out of the bed in the morning, figure out why and make a change. if you care about someone, tell them. if you have an amazing idea, share it. if you want to start a blog, do it. we can't believe in a blink of an eye it's going to be 2014. life goes quickly, especially when you're juggling many things. but do what makes you happy. we swear the juggling of 100 things won't be half as hard. love what you do and do it everyday. #stys

again, a big thank you to all. happy sunday!

k, s, & c

(photo taken from c's iphone)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Three to Kiss

we have all been's friday at 5 o'clock, it's been a long week of nonsense at work and there is nothing more you would rather do than crawl into bed and zonk out, right?? but on the other hand, your girlfriend is calling, that hot guy you were eyeing at your friend's party last weekend is going out with them, and you need to find a way to look and feel fab, so what do you do?

yep, it is amazing how just a cocktail and a little lip color can take you from zero to ten and ready for a night out. and let's be honest, we all know, it's not for him, it's for you. whether its bright pink, classic red, or more of neutral, make it happen. 

here are our picks for looking and feeling sassy and fabulous this weekend! 

"fresh sugar lip treatment hydrates my lips which i need in the winter, 
but gives them my signature red tint which, let's face it, is a must."

"this is my go to when i want to make a white t shirt and jeans look put together."

"my every day lip, i never leave home without it."

k, s, & c

(photos via fresh / saks fifth avenue / sephora)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Skinny Buddha

i knew i loved you before i knew you…

life is a funny thing. for those fortunate enough to realize every day is a small part of a continual journey, we go thru our days, nights and our dreams waiting for those piercing moments that turn our hearts to see what was meant to be…when a beginning doesn’t have an ending…when something changes your very existence for every day after…

when my girls were born, i became completely gender biased without a moment hesitation…

motherhood saved me. my beautiful girls saved me. never would i open my eyes to a new morning without purpose. without love. without devotion. somehow i realized i could fix the broken in me. every sweet lil smile, every soft cuddle…oh this was love…so fresh and untainted…these adorable little girls needed me…and i wanted to be worthy…

sure i had a pleasant childhood. from the outside looking in all appeared normal—planets orderly orbiting. yet there wasn’t someone to help me, guide me, give me confidence to find my way. no life skills. no prep. just get out there and don’t disappoint. i had my fair share of stumbles-tough times trying to discover ME-trial and error…no one ever gave me direct advice except maybe my high school journalism teacher PJ but she was such a big woman that i think she kept talking to me cuz she couldn’t get out of her chair to avoid me…whatever, right? it would take a few bottles of vino to go that far back and fast-forward…nonetheless-i’m smart enough to understand that grudges and regrets are useless…force yourself to learn from them…i’ve moved on…

so now when i get asked (and i do) not what college i graduated from (because i didn’t) but rather-“what’s your secret to raising such amazing daughters? they are each so different but they get along so well...” i pause. it’s my proudest moment. i say it’s all-them. they completed me. they cleared the way to build a life of accomplishment. they gave me the insight when they filled my void…

the most selfish thing i’ve ever done is wanting my daughters to be better than me in every way possible. to make sure each of them know how capable they are, how confidence can be humble, how being educated will change your world, to be adored and appreciated by your sister will be the strength of your longest everlasting friendship, cherish the devotion, encourage forgiveness, learn how to blast music and dance…and never forget your mother told you how extraordinary you are…bring the joy with you…it’s a valuable and rare commodity…just like you…

the skinny buddha

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"I Believe in Pink"

like many families, we have been impacted by breast cancer...aunts, friends, colleagues...but we've also seen first hand how far we have come in both treatment and in advancing research. october is breast cancer awareness month, and we're loving all the designers and brands that have rolled out products to show their support. a portion of the proceeds from these products (as well as many others) are being donated to various charities who are working to find a cure. 

our beautiful aunt who beat breast cancer sent us this fabulous audrey quote this morning, which couldn't be any more perfect for today's post:

"i believe in pink. i believe that laughter is the best calorie burner. i believe in kissing, kissing a lot. i believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. i believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. i believe that tomorrow is another day, and i believe in miracles." -audrey hepburn

for our loved ones fighting breast cancer today and to all women out there, we "believe in pink". show your support today and shop pink!

k, s, & c