Friday, October 18, 2013

Three to Kiss

we have all been's friday at 5 o'clock, it's been a long week of nonsense at work and there is nothing more you would rather do than crawl into bed and zonk out, right?? but on the other hand, your girlfriend is calling, that hot guy you were eyeing at your friend's party last weekend is going out with them, and you need to find a way to look and feel fab, so what do you do?

yep, it is amazing how just a cocktail and a little lip color can take you from zero to ten and ready for a night out. and let's be honest, we all know, it's not for him, it's for you. whether its bright pink, classic red, or more of neutral, make it happen. 

here are our picks for looking and feeling sassy and fabulous this weekend! 

"fresh sugar lip treatment hydrates my lips which i need in the winter, 
but gives them my signature red tint which, let's face it, is a must."

"this is my go to when i want to make a white t shirt and jeans look put together."

"my every day lip, i never leave home without it."

k, s, & c

(photos via fresh / saks fifth avenue / sephora)

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