Friday, January 31, 2014

Three For Valentine's Day

it's that time of year whether you are married, attached or single, love is in the air! whether you are treating a special someone, making a friend feel loved, or hey, embracing being single and fabulous, here are our picks for a special valentine's day somethin'! sometimes it's all about the little things...

s's pick
i love hydrangeas...being a single lady,
i might need to surprise one of my fellow single girlfriends
with my favorite flower (and maybe a bouquet for myself too!) :)

c's pick
i am a sucker for all things boutique bites.
whether attached or single, this little picnic set up is perfect 
for any one special in your life!

k's pick
sometimes a batch of chai cookies is 
the way to my hub's heart (and tummy)!

k, s, & c

(photos via pinterest)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Owen NYC

approximately 25,000 brown paper bags surface the walls and ceiling of nyc 1,800 sq ft store owen. it looks like a honeycomb pattern as you enter and needless to say it's awesome. i've wanted to visit this store since they opened in 2012 and i finally got there yesterday during my quick visit to nyc. the interior caught my attention, but also after reading many articles on the owner focusing his efforts on selling all nyc based emerging designers intrigued me. he also said he likes to treat anyone who walks through the door like beyonce... and to me that is true understanding of amazing client relations.

my friend and i both agreed it was a pretty sweet store that felt very warm. the curated selection of clothing and jewelry they sell creates quite the lengthy wishlist too. #1&2 on my list is this top & this necklace (my fav emoji to use- seems fitting to have a necklace). be sure to make your way to the meatpacking district to check owen out for yourself whether you live in the city or can pay a visit!

i will just have to order online until my next visit to ny! ;)


p.s. check back soon for snaps from my stay in ny!

(pictures via owen)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

-8 Degrees...Take Me to O'Hare, Please!

so upon walking out of my apartment into the lovely -8 degrees (the weatherman reported that it is actually an improvement from yesterday, you have got to be kidding me...), i made it about four blocks and found myself hailing a cab, directed the cabbie to head to o'hare, was dropped at the american airlines ticket counter, requested a ticket on the next flight to the virgin islands and soon found myself at the gate ready to board with nothing but my purse and my "can't live without" zara tartan scarf (figure it can double as a beach towel, right??). i will just buy a swimsuit and the necessities once i am down there...beach, sun, and 80 degrees, here i come!

ha, noooo that really didn't happen this morning but how great would it have been if i really did jump a plane to paradise on a whim?? i am sure the thought crossed your mind this morning too...

but luckily i am just a week away from heading down to florida to meet up with some good friends to share a weekend in miami/palm beach to celebrate turning the big 2-9. it can not come soon enough...which is why i have started to plan what i am packing (it's a great distraction from this crazy weather) and what items i might need to pick up this weekend to add to my suitcase.

here is a lil peek at what im packing and eyeing...


every weekend getaway needs a great pair of
 traveling and walking shoes

loving floral...

a good cover up that goes from the beach to the bar is essential... 
you don't really need to bring anything else 

every beach vacay needs a fabulous hat, right??

i like to pack lightly when i can and this bag 
is not only cute but is the perfect size for carry-on

obsessed...these are perfect for day to night

 classic yet

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Where to Eat?

14 days of food heaven started friday as chicago kicked off restaurant week. we checked out bub city last night - who can resist some good ole' bbq? followed by carriage house brunch... hard to stay away from the southern comfort food on a cold day like today. next up on the restaurant week circuit...

k's pick - embeya
can't wait to try the peking-duck style garlic chicken!

s's pick - piccolo sogno
a restaurant week favorite.

c's pick - the bristol
have you seen the menu? enough said.

one of the reasons we love restaurant week so much is because it encourages us to venture outside our comfort zone... try new things and explore chicago's neighborhoods. hope you all enjoy it as much as we do! check out the full list of restaurants at and make your reservations today! #STYS

k, s, & c

Friday, January 24, 2014

Lululemon Lab at 900 Shops

lululemon lab
lululemon lab
doc b's fresh kitchen (#stys fav)

aside from us loving everything lululemon- we especially love when a brand has a line that is exclusive to them. who doesn't love a lil' exclusivity? introduce: lululemon lab which we posted on the other day. you can read more about it here. it's only been sold and available in vancouver until now. you can head over to lulu at the 900 shops to check out some of these coveted pieces.

we jumped on board when lulu asked us to co-host their event for all the instructors in the city to see the lulu lab pieces first. we enjoyed bites by doc b's (our fav!) and vino while we perused the merchandise. our favorites were the black lab pieces with the gold detail. they are pieces that can be worn to fitness classes, but also can be worn out to drinks because of that gold zipper detail. just makes them seem a little more studio to street friendly... or so we think!

be sure to get over to 900 shops lululemon before it's too late! these pieces won't last long and it's undetermined if there will be more coming from vancouver. we can only hope so!

k, s, & c

(pictures taken by c)

Three to Go Check Out

c's pick
s's pick
k's pick

k, s, & c

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lessons from Love

i am turning 29 in a few weeks and of course birthdays always get me thinking about life and in this (i am sure you're not surprised;). in the last decade, since i was 19, I have had some amazing loves...

first there was my college boyfriend. he was my best friend. he was my spanish buddy.  grabbing dinner after spanish class one night led to “studying” together (yes i am using quotes on that :), which led to a friendship/relationship that spanned off and on all throughout college. he was laid back, incredibly thoughtful, and had a ‘hug’ that made everything better….but as time went on, life changed him and changed me, and by senior year, things were different.

then there was andrew. he had me the moment we met. he was charming, the life of the party and we had this undeniable connection…knew me better than anyone else and was “the love of my life.” he was a six-year rollercoaster ride of emotions. the highs were high and the lows were low.  years of compromises, understanding, and patience took a toll on me. led me to question, “why is this so hard?” hurt like hell and it had been hurting for too long. it consistently felt like I was trying to fit into his life and trying to carve out a place for me and for us. it was exhausting. after six years, it was over.

and then came charlie...he was unexpected but was everything i needed at a time when i needed it. he had a way of looking me in the eyes that was as my gf called it “my kryptonite”… he made me laugh, and our chemistry was out. of. control. :) a night of tequila turned into a dance party for two and the rest is now officially history. a year and a half later, long distance got the best of us and i was left wondering, “what happened?”

i do think of myself as an open book but there are some things that i hold close to my chest. these relationships, these people, are some of those things. but i share these stories now, love had, past relationships, to remind you, “hey, we have all been there.” when you are falling for someone, you don’t go into it thinking it's not going to work out or you are going to feel horrible heartbreak.  so when you do, when it doesn’t work out…make sure you walk away taking the memories with you but more importantly, with lessons learned.

i am so grateful to have had the experiences i have had with the people i have (doesn’t mean it hasn’t been hard or i still don’t find myself thinking of these three guys from time to time) but i have walked away with a clearer sense of who i am, the relationship i'm looking for, and let’s face it, some memories that i would rather not forget ;) (would be crazy to even try).

so here are my lessons from love...

1). don’t have regrets. own your decisions, learn from them.
2). one person does not dictate your happiness, only you can. choose happiness.
3). be strong enough to let go and wise enough to fight for what you deserve.  
4). family is everything, find a future mother-in-law that appreciates you. 
5). love isn't easy but it shouldn't be that hard.
6). timing is everything
7). love does not conquer all but the right love with the right person does, don't settle.
8). laughter, a good hug, or the right song can tame any argument
9). actions speak louder than words, how someone loves you is equally if not more important as saying i love you
10). the right one who is deserving of you will never walk away (or in my case, never miss his flight). 


(picture via s's insta)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Bites Bash

one of our favorite times of year is just two days away… with nearly 300 restaurants to choose from and only 14 days to get in as many meals as possible… we have some tough decisions to make, mainly, where to eat first??

for a preview (and to help us decide where to make reservations), we’ll be checking out first bites bash tomorrow night at union station. first bites bash is the official kick-off event for chicago restaurant week where we’ll be sampling and sipping our way through tastings from more than 60 of chicago’s best restaurants, wine from terlato (yes!) and beer from goose island (love us some sofie!). executive chef paul kahan (blackbird, avec, publican, big star and most recently nico osteria) will be hosting the event, and we can’t wait to see what big star is cooking up! no doubt it will be delish.

if you're interested in checking out this event with us... tickets are still available until noon tomorrow ($125 via check back this weekend to see where we'll be making our restaurant week reservations. bon appetit!


k, s, & c

(photos taken by adam alexander photography)

Lululemon Lab

we don't know if you're familiar with the lululemon lab but it's basically a conceptual design and retail space in vancouver (where lulu is hq'd). it is a hub for innovation and functional fashion. some of the most coveted articles of clothing made of luon come out of this shop and clients can ONLY buy those items in vancouver. they have an in-house design team and they draw inspiration from local & international trends.

we see why these pieces are coveted because not only are they perfect for the studio, but they are also very transitional to wear out for drinks + dinner. like this look. well besides absolutely loving all these pieces and wanted oh so many... we have something exciting to share with you tomorrow! without revealing too many details yet- be sure to keep up with us on insta. we will be sharing some fun lulu surprises tomorrow night... stay tuned ;)

k, s, & c

(pictures via lululemon lab)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Loeffler Sale Picks

Dara Platform Bootie

Blaise Flat Moccasin

Alba Demi Platform Pump

Blaise Flat Moccasin
Erika Ankle Strap Flat

one can never have too many shoes (or so we believe)...

when we see a shoe sale- the world stops spinning on its axis and time stands still (ha! ok not really but you get the picture) but a good shoe sale definitely entices us to take a break from emails and the daily grind to peruse. especially when it's a loeffler randall sale...

although their price point is a little on the more expensive side, they are truly worth every penny when you factor in the quality and cost per wear (the sale is just the deal breaker to add to cart!). we think they do a great job at covering the timeless, classics (like the matilde flat boot) but also fun styles like the loafer tiger painted watersnake ones above.

happy shoe perusing!!

k, s, & c

(pictures via loeffler randall)