About Us

she told you so 
three best friends. different. passionate. equally nuts in our own right. so where does that leave us? 

it makes us sisters. unique but the same. independent yet inseparable.

it's our shared love of jennifer grey in dirty dancing, everything italian, jameson shots at all hours (we have irish roots, don’t judge), celine dion dance parties, and the ultimate dream of attending chanel at paris fashion week, whatever it is, it binds us.

it’s the undeniable advice she gave you that you wish had taken, it's those shoes she convinced you to buy but you are so happy she did, it's that red lipstick she said you could pull off but you were too scared to try, it’s the adventure that she said you must go on, it's the chance she said you must take, it’s the inspiration she leaves you with every day. it’s she told you so.

the skinny buddha
beautiful inside and out, the one who knows us best and always has advice worth taking. our best friend. she has a way of making the tough times easier, the challenges seem not so difficult and has a way of making life come alive.

as kids, she brought the joy and magic of disney in every moment and was the undeniable force who grounded us. now as adults, we share seabreezes, life altering moments, and never ending dance parties.

she is the unconditional love, support, and joy in our lives. we call her "the skinny buddha," fit as ever and wise beyond her years. she is our mom.

he told you so
say his name and a few things come to mind: irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind, wittier than anyone we've ever known, heart of gold, and of course, a fashion force to be reckoned with.

his energy is contagious and has a way of drawing the attention of anyone and everyone around him. he can put together a playlist that will get any age up and dancing. he is crafty and has an eye for design. just like that, he can make a studio apartment look like a million bucks. within minutes of meeting him - you become a part of his fan club because you can't imagine life without his sparkling personality and incredible charm (and cary grant good looks).

it's c's bestie and our bonus sibling. it's he told you so.

k, s, & c

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