Friday, November 29, 2013

Three for Black Friday

it's hard for the three of us to resist a good sale. living just a few blocks from michigan ave, we find ourselves browsing our favorite shops on a regular basis, keeping an eye on what we're loving right now and swooping in for the purchase at just the right time... and what better time to swoop than black friday?

k's venturing out to take on the crowds, while s & c check out the sales during their lunch breaks. here's where we'll be shopping today...

happy shopping!

k, s, & c

(photos via our gmail inboxes) 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am that girl

when we came across this feature on forbes the other night, we knew we wanted to help the I AM THAT GIRL campaign. every word rang true for all 3 of us. we're going to let sheila moeschen (who we virtually adore!), senior editor of I AM THAT GIRL campaign take over and tell you a little more about 'isms, sophia bush, and #IATG...

got #beautyFULL?

i am a big fan of 'isms. you know: quips, quotes, kick catch-sayings, the kind phrases that deliver quick hits of both inspiration and energy. when my friend, boss, chief badass emily greener floated the term "beautyFULL" by me, i knew i was in the presence of some one and something pretty special.

em is the inspired and fearless co-founder of I AM THAT GIRL, an organization committed to turning girls' self-doubt into self-love, to empowering girls to healthy self-worth through positive media and community building. there is simply so much i love about #IATG that i often find myself in full on gush mode when talking to friends, family, or new connections about our organization and what we do. from the leagues of girls owning their awesome local chapters that span from NY to South Africa, to the brave and inspiring contributors who write blogs and film videos for our website, i am constantly humbled and awestruck by the time and selfless energy that so many give to this cause. it is, without doubt, #beautyFULL.

i never get a tired of feeling it or seeing it. i glimpsed at it again just recently in our collaboration with actress sophia bush in an ongoing fundraising campaign. you probably became smitten with sophia from her role as brooke davis on one tree hill and this winter she'll play detective lindsay in nbc's chicago pd. sophia shares in our mission and happily hopped on board for our campaign that enters pledgers into a drawing to win a chance to meet and skydive with sophia. funds raised from this campaign will go to build more than 50 IATG local chapters. sophia's generousity in time and spirit is just one example of the kind of people drawn to I AM THAT GIRL and just one indictator of every voice counts. and a lot of days that's fuel enough to move forward and dream bigger. pretty much every day that's the definition of being and living #beautyFULL.

psst! it's not too late to jump on prizeo campaign. do more than a lil' social good and enter a chance to win some pretty cool treats. visit here to learn about how you can make a difference!


pictures via sheila

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lil' Messages

we're all about little messages in different places whether on your agenda, coffee mug, or jewelry. the messages can be daily reminders, something to bring a smile, really anything... we are currently in l.o.v.e. with these cellphone cases that the everygirl is selling. we each plan to add them to our carts to have these as daily reminders.

k, s, & c 

 for more cell cases & prints, shop everygirl

(pictures via everygirl)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tru(ly) Something Else

have you ever experienced something that when you wake up the next morning you have to ask yourself, "did that actually happen?" well, dine at tru in chicago and that is how you will feel. it's a culinary experience that goes beyond the food. it's an experience you won't forget. between the dedicated top notch service, artwork, the food (and it's presentation), the table for two in the kitchen, and chef anthony's undeniable creative genius...find a way to tru.

when you think of a fifteen course meal, jacket required restaurant- i don't know about you, but my mind goes to pretentious and a bit stuffy. however tru is the exact opposite. their servers are as knowledgeable as they are fun. the restaurant manager exudes professionalism (and wears some fantastic suits), but makes a killer manhattan (hence his nickname michael manhattan). you would imagine the chef to be a bit old(er) given the many awards he and the restaurant have received... but chef anthony is young & has passion that is contagious. he's one of those people that just by being around him you feel energized and want to create something that people will call unforgettable because that is what he has accomplished at tru. when i asked him what he loved most about what he does, he said "everything". there's really no questioning that given all of the above ^ and below.

whether you're a foodie, enjoy a fantastic wine list, appreciate killer food presentation, or if you're looking for a spot to celebrate an anniversary or even just a saturday night... make it happen and find a way to tru. in the mean time, go grab a burger and fries at m burger on huron around dinner time to catch a glimpse into tru's kitchen. you may even see chef anthony testing out the caviar levitation. trust me, you'll be amazed by the talented, fun, and lively tru team.

p.s. their cocktail list is A+. at the very least go get your drink on and ask for the martini with the stars in it...worth every drop.
there is an ottoman for your purse(s) at the table!

(pictures via c's iphone)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Three from the 80s

s is going to the prom this weekend. she has the hot date, the dress, and the studded shoes to match. but the only difference is that it's 10 years later. rather than being 2003, they are going like it is 1983. :)

as we brainstormed what she should wear and what style she should rock (madonna vs. cyndi or whitney vs. paula), it got us thinking about everything we loved from an era that was as equally ugly as it was awesome. being children of the 80s, we have a great appreciation for the decade that brought us ferris buehler, vivienne westwood (the queen of punk style), espirit, jem and the holograms, leg warmers, fanny packs, reeboks, scrunchies, shoulder pads, the zack morris hairstyle and oh who could forget, parachute pants. 

here are a few of our favs from the 80s...can't wait to hear how s's prom night goes...pretty sure 1983 might have 2003 beat.

k, s, & c

(pictures via pinterest)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Boutique Bites

after a mention of boutique bites during one of c's meetings today, she came home to find herself on boutique bite's website, pinterest, twitter, ect. within minutes she sent the website to s on gchat... s immediately responded, "i want her (elaina vazquez) to cater my life". maybe it's these, these, or these but it's also elaina's impeccable style and her chic office. she may know food, but she also knows fashion.

we're constantly asked where to even begin the search with catering for weddings, birthdays, or holiday gatherings and here is our answer. start with elaina's website then follow it with her pinterest. you too will be wanting her to cater your life. #stys

k, s, & c

(pictures via boutique bite's pinterest boards)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gift(s) For The Host(esses)

brass elephant ring bowl / escape the ordinary candle / 'roll of the die' decision maker / good morning beautiful mug / chevron coasters / bamboo bar set / arcrylic straws / brass car and home keychain / fred's chocolate drizzled popcorn / audrey hepburn notecards

it's that time of year again when there are non-stop plans and parties (then again, we always feel like this with our big irish fam and extended greek family) but it's always a little extra special between the turkey, mistletoe, eggnog, and twinkling lights.

so of course, we are always in search for the perfect gift to bring the lady or gent for hosting (most gents we stick to a bottle of their favorite bourbon or whiskey for obvious reasons) but it's always fun to bring a fun lil' something for the hostess that they normally would not buy for themselves.

whether its's an impromptu party of five on a friday night with the girls or a co-worker's xmas party, here are a few of the items we will be bringing to those hostesses who are willing to mix the cocktails, make the playlists, and cook up the apps for us. we like how some of them have sweet lil' messages too. 'roll of the die' decision maker... who doesn't need one of those?...

happy gifting!

k, s, & c

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


the joys of a handwritten card. for me there are many joys of both writing and receiving cards. i just snagged the last stack of these at the kate spade 900 building store, keep an eye out this holiday season ladies + gents. ;) 

but to be serious for a paragraph or two- i just received the loveliest handwritten card from a very dear friend of mine. every word was perfect and took me by surprise. it got me thinking. it sounds cliche, but it truly is more about quality then quantity as you grow old(er). i've realized over the years and firmly believe, people do come into your life for a reason and sometimes they leave for a reason. it's not always easy, in fact sometimes it can be really tough but as our guy friend ty once said to s "that's life". you learn to take the good with the bad, the easy with the not so easy, and just roll with it. 

my good friend lea sent me this the other night and the handwritten card reminded me of it. they mention how your 20s is all about spending time with the ones who challenge your mind, inspire you, are there for you when you're at your worst, and just energize you by being around them. but to me that isn't just your 20s. that is all ages. the ones who bring out the best version of you and try to understand you at your best & your worst- hold on to them through all stages of life. at least i am going to try to! 

life moves fast. there are a lot of storms to get through. dance through those storms with the ones you know will be there for the next storm (and the next). an email, text, a fbook message, these are all well and good but what i do know is a handwritten card is a reminder to someone that they are worth the time. just like that, i was not only thankful for the friend who wrote me the card but reminded to always put time into the people and things you care most about. karma, it all comes back around. 


p.s. here are a few card ideas for your best friend, sister, dance partner, co worker, or neighbor: 

(pictures via kate spade / etsy)

Monday, November 18, 2013

PJs All Day

yesterday was a typical sunday, had every intention of wanting to seize the day, get some errands done etc, ya know, the usual sunday to-do list.....but instead it started and ended in my pjs hiding from the storm with coffee, my lap top, and about twenty different magazines that have accumulated in a pile next to my bed over the last few months. it's a reminder of how crazy things have been lately and how fast the months are flying did i let the september issue of vogue and instyle go unread til now???

but all in all, i would say yesterday was fairly productive for a lazy sunday. i managed to make my way through three months worth of mags, cheered on the bears and watched gatsby for the 3rd time...guilt-free time spent mindless reading and perusing can be the best therapy from a busy work week and just what you need to prep you for the next are a few of the pages that caught my eye, fed my inspiration, and were put on my "want, need to try, make it happen" list. 

burberry never disappoints - loving the black on white

club monaco - love the navy on black leather and gold zipper accents

michelle williams for louis vuitton - just stunning
re-enforces red lips and dark nails are always a good idea

kate spade - love this ensemble (especially the shoes!) 
but the bag is what really caught my eye

jimmy choo - enough said

proenza schouler - tweed obsession...timeless and classic

theory - houndstooth, yes please! 

gatsby - the fashion and soundtrack of this movie get me every time


(pictures via instyle / marie claire / elle)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Three for a Polish Change

some time between work and joshua radin's concert at the riviera tonight... we'll be popping by our favorite nail salon for a quick polish change...happy friday!

this color is perfect for winter (and not too dark)!

s's pick - chanel 08 pirate

i love classy and sassy red all year round...

i have so little time these days so neutral is what i have been doing 
to allow more time between polish changes plus i love the name (and champagne)!

k, s, & c

(photos via opi / chanel / zappos)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Inner Audrey

my bestie richie nicknamed my apartment audrey's hideaway. my other besties taylor and jason call me audrey. i can't seem to escape her, which is totally OK by me;) if there is one person i could have a cocktail with... it would be her. i am still so envious of skinny buddha and our fairy godmother who met her at an event back in the day. skinny buddha even got the chance to talk to her and says audrey was "so lovely". any way, much like my apartment being a hideaway, hats (& sunglasses) are my way of being incognito in the city. whether it's hiding my hangover or just hiding in general, i have grown a collection of hats of all colors and styles. so whether you need a disguise or like to walk on the mysterious side... here are options to channel your inner audrey... 

leather trimmed rancher

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide...

just a few notes, a few lyrics, that song, or howie….that’s all it really takes. it has a way of taking you back, reminding you of the places you have been, the people who were, a time that is no longer, and memories that feel like a lifetime ago. another person ago.

i recently was at city winery enjoying vino and listening to howie day. if you haven’t been to city winery, you must go. if you haven’t listened to any of howie day’s other songs but collide, you need to. he is crazy talented and someone worth knowing. city winery is one of the most intimate and unique venues in the city for an acoustic show. it does not get much better than sharing food & wine, while listening to live music. really, what else is there in life? anyways, i regress…so howie.

howie is a burned cd k gave me when i was a freshman in college. he is san diego. mission beach. a car ride to santa barbara.  he is four years spent in the california sun. he is aromas (our college coffee shop). walks on the boardwalk. he is everything that i loved about the west coast; time spent with my sister, a boy named scott, and living on the ocean.

yep, that is howie day to me. it’s funny looking back at that time in my life, because i feel like a different person than that 18 year old girl who moved across country. stubborn, hopeless romantic, opinionated, ambitious yet unsure, and of course having no idea where life was going to take me. but here i was on sunday, reminded of that girl and reminded that i’m still that girl.

stubborn, ambitious yet more sure, hopeless romantic (the multiple heartbreaks still haven’t broken me yet), beyond opinionated and still have completely no idea where life is going to take me.

but unlike then- i am ok with not knowing, not being 100% sure, wearing my heart on the outside (you really can’t love if you keep it all in, just saying) and i am more comfortable with the fact that living life is less about knowing but more about really living, enjoying the moment. the rest tends to figure itself out.

my evening at city winery reminded me 1). how much i still love howie day and 2). the music is the same, the memories don't change but if you are really living, learning and loving, your perspective will constantly be evolving. so...


(pictures via s's insta / howie day, be there)