Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Inner Audrey

my bestie richie nicknamed my apartment audrey's hideaway. my other besties taylor and jason call me audrey. i can't seem to escape her, which is totally OK by me;) if there is one person i could have a cocktail with... it would be her. i am still so envious of skinny buddha and our fairy godmother who met her at an event back in the day. skinny buddha even got the chance to talk to her and says audrey was "so lovely". any way, much like my apartment being a hideaway, hats (& sunglasses) are my way of being incognito in the city. whether it's hiding my hangover or just hiding in general, i have grown a collection of hats of all colors and styles. so whether you need a disguise or like to walk on the mysterious side... here are options to channel your inner audrey... 

leather trimmed rancher

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