Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide...

just a few notes, a few lyrics, that song, or howie….that’s all it really takes. it has a way of taking you back, reminding you of the places you have been, the people who were, a time that is no longer, and memories that feel like a lifetime ago. another person ago.

i recently was at city winery enjoying vino and listening to howie day. if you haven’t been to city winery, you must go. if you haven’t listened to any of howie day’s other songs but collide, you need to. he is crazy talented and someone worth knowing. city winery is one of the most intimate and unique venues in the city for an acoustic show. it does not get much better than sharing food & wine, while listening to live music. really, what else is there in life? anyways, i regress…so howie.

howie is a burned cd k gave me when i was a freshman in college. he is san diego. mission beach. a car ride to santa barbara.  he is four years spent in the california sun. he is aromas (our college coffee shop). walks on the boardwalk. he is everything that i loved about the west coast; time spent with my sister, a boy named scott, and living on the ocean.

yep, that is howie day to me. it’s funny looking back at that time in my life, because i feel like a different person than that 18 year old girl who moved across country. stubborn, hopeless romantic, opinionated, ambitious yet unsure, and of course having no idea where life was going to take me. but here i was on sunday, reminded of that girl and reminded that i’m still that girl.

stubborn, ambitious yet more sure, hopeless romantic (the multiple heartbreaks still haven’t broken me yet), beyond opinionated and still have completely no idea where life is going to take me.

but unlike then- i am ok with not knowing, not being 100% sure, wearing my heart on the outside (you really can’t love if you keep it all in, just saying) and i am more comfortable with the fact that living life is less about knowing but more about really living, enjoying the moment. the rest tends to figure itself out.

my evening at city winery reminded me 1). how much i still love howie day and 2). the music is the same, the memories don't change but if you are really living, learning and loving, your perspective will constantly be evolving. so...


(pictures via s's insta / howie day, be there)

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