Friday, February 28, 2014

Three Eye Essentials

i dont wear alot of makeup, but mascara is a must for me 
to look awake and ready to take on the day...
i swear by dior!

i have been looking for an eyeliner that doesn't budge and stays on all day...
bobbi brown gel liner does just that.

i can't imagine my eye make up regime without tom ford's golden mink...
it's worth every penny for blue eye beauts that 
stick to browns and golden colors for eyes!

k, s, & c 

(photos via sephora / bobbi brown / neiman marcus)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Monarch

after a friday night out, is there really anything better than a delicious brunch with bloody marys and bottomless mimosas? we think not. shampoo effect anyone? 

we were excited to check out the monarch this past saturday. it's not in our designated neighborhoods, but it's definitely worth the short cab ride for not only the amazing food but also for the old school tunes. the food has a creative simplicity to it that leaves you wanting more. we started with the sweet spiced pretzel with raisin cream cheese and then followed with the fried green tomato and croissant egg sandwiches. this combo can cure any hangover and it was just, well, SO good. 

we learned from colin burke (the owner) that their chef, michael destefano, is only 27 years old. we can imagine he has a great team of support, but whatever he is doing- he has got to keep it up! his menu is spot on and the bottomless mimosas don't hurt either ;) now hurry on over there to check it out. we are dying to go back for dinner, looks equally as delicious! 

k, s, & c

p.s. they also have a great patio in the back that is calling our name...hurry up spring! 

(pictures via k's camera)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Perfect "Meet Cute" #CHANEL

a few weeks ago, s popped into saks on her lunch break to make a quick return, but instead experienced the makings of the perfect "meet cute" with chanel business manager and makeup artist, denise bejasa. they immediately got to chatting and bonded over their love for chicago and house of cards. it didn't take long for s to realize that db had to meet k and c. denise not only has a way of making you look and feel beautiful, but has an honest thoughtfulness that any girl would appreciate in a makeup artist (and a friend).

s and c spent valentine's day at chanel, getting pretty with db before heading out on a sister date to tre soldi. here are a few of our pics and product favs from our date night. but more importantly, we want to introduce you to our new friend and beauty guru...denise bejasa.

s & c

name: denise bejasa
position: chanel business manager (makeup artist)

chicago is…
special because the people are generally family-oriented, strong (to endure our weather), and we have sub-cultures of music lovers, foodies, and artists. our city is clean and people have these pockets of places they like to hang out all over the city! 

my winter beauty secret is… 
i bought some japanese cotton masks that i soak in serums for moisture to intensify the efficacy. hannibal lechter scariness for no less than 20 minutes. i mask 2-3 times a week before i go to bed.  i also soak my body in lavender eucalyptus epsom salts at night when it's extremely cold. it relaxes my muscles, clears my head, and softens my skin. i found the salts at CVS.

beauty routine…

if you could do the makeup of any celebrity, who would it be and why…
i would love to do diane sawyer's makeup.  i feel she is a graceful woman who has to report the news no matter how pressing and maintain her composure and accuracy.  she always looks polished not flashy. there are many things i would ask her in regards to events, politics, and lifestyle.  i imagine she would be amazing and appreciative.  

my favorite style icon is… 
my mother would say imelda marcos because i'm filipino and have an extensive collection of shoes. i don't have a specific icon but i was influenced by my father because of his style and appreciation for quality versus quantity in regards to picking out clothes and accessories.  

i can't live without (what product?)… concealer 

what is in your purse? 
ice breakers duo mints, anti-bacterial wipes, my calendar, my iphone, givenchy sunglasses, blink eye drops, keys, matte velvet rouge allure lipstick 317, and Louis vuitton wallet

love is… unconditional. 

what three words describe chanel cosmetics/skincare... ICONIC, FUN, AND EFFECTIVE.

what is the best advice you have ever received? #STYS 
don't touch your face throughout the day! 

(pictures via c's camera)


we're introducing a new series for she told you so this year and we're very excited about it! we will be featuring ladies in different work fields who are talented, fun, and caring... you know those gals who you just hope rub off on you. well, we're starting TODAY. come back in a few hours to check out our first of many #stys features! we hope you too get inspired like we do by every one of these ladies that we feature in the coming months... #stys

k, s, & c

(picture via pinterest)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Three from #MFW

as much as we are excited for spring's arrival, we have loved seeing the 2014 fall/winter looks walking the runways of milan this week. whether it was the 60s inspired gucci show with knee high boots, over-sized glasses and shift dresses or the avant garde retro glamour of prada with shearling coats and art deco prints, we are feeling inspired to amp up our wardrobe choices as we head into another blustery chicago weekend. here are our picks from #MFW...

happy weekend all!

k, s, & c

k's pick - gucci
i loved the 60s vibe and flirty hemlines of gucci...
reminded me of penny lane in almost famous :)

s's pick - max mara
obsessing over max mara's combination
of gold, tweed, and fur...

c's pick - prada
as you all know, i love menswear inspired looks...
prada nailed it with jewel tones, feminine silk slip dresses 
combined with over-sized coats.

(pictures via pinterest / marie claire)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding My Forever

it's 5am and i'm laying in bed wide awake... have been since 4 when my husband left for the airport. i used to think of myself as someone who would always enjoy my "me" time and revel in the days that i get to wake up and make my own schedule, watch entertainment news without being teased and blast dave matthews on repeat because my hubby skipped town with the boys. but, all that changed when i met w. don't get me wrong, i love the occasional night in and love my afternoons or nights out with the girls (especially s & c!), but whenever w is not with me… a piece of me is missing. 

w is my best friend. the one i call when i have good news to share. the shoulder i lean on when life is challenging. the one i laugh with like no other. the one i dance around the kitchen with like no one's watching. the one that i want to share every moment with because life is better when he's sharing those moments with me. 

four years ago this spring when he left for a week of sailing… i simply couldn't sleep. i had a knot in my stomach. it was the first time we had been in different cities since we started dating and it was my dear friend AP that clued me in… i was head over heels in love and it literally hurt to be apart. 

this morning reminds me of that morning four years ago when i knew i had found my forever. these occasional times that we travel separately or spend a day on our own are absolutely necessary for many reasons, but i believe the most important reason is the reminder of the love and appreciation i have for my other half. 

we all deserve this forever love. one true test is traveling together (a must before saying "i do"). but i believe the real test is how you feel when you take that time apart. when you find someone that makes you feel this way, hold onto it. it's the real thing.


(photo taken by adam alexander)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recipe for Chi-berian Survival

is anyone else feeling like this winter has taken a major toll on their hair, skin, and waistline?? oh buddy…you are not alone. after being in florida, i realized how just a little humidity, a touch of vitamin d, and running outside can make a world of difference to your overall psyche and well being. but now that i am back in chi-beria with at least another few months of this winter nonsense... i need to find a way to keep myself (and my skin and hair) looking and feeling fab til the weather warms up and its time for cocktails at the j. parker.

here is my recipe for chi-berian survival:
  • chanel hydra beauty creme nightly (it is worth every penny)
  • after work breaks at bliss (the triple oxygen facial is UNREAL) 
  • kiehls. is. amazing. 
  • golden girl chicago is a stys fav to get our golden glow on
  • reform chicago (k and her hubs turned me on to pilates...great compliment to my running routine)
  • kerastase shampoo (i've tried to save money by using other shampoos and it's not worth it, this one is the best for dry, highlighted hair)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

gorjana & griffin

we all know we have a love for drd, ag, and as of late helene lucille. diamonds really are a girl's best friend ;) but just like most girls who are on a budget... we love mixing the high with low. gorjana & griffin has been c's go to for mixing the low with the high for almost a year now. it doesn't completely break the bank and the jewelry looks good after everyday wear. it's daintier pieces so it's similar to the jewelers we save up for & love, but the price is affordable. here are a few of our favorite pieces right now:

(reminds us of the current dvf collection!)
(perfect for stacking with these)

k, s, & c

(photos via g&g)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Matching Tuxes

we think angelina & brad did a pretty great job at making matching tuxes not look crazy. last night at the baftas awards, angelina decided against a gown and went for a yves saint laurent tuxedo... while brad looked equally as dapper in a dark suit. from past posts, you know we're suckers for men inspired looks, but we can all say that we have never thought of a look like this. and well, we're completely loving it. his & hers looks never looked so good...

k, s, & c

(photos via e! online)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Three from NYFW

we've loved seeing snapshots from nyfw on insta this week...whether it's from our favorite bloggers like jessica sturdy from bows & sequins or from our fav designers i.e. marc jacobs, dvf, reem acra, zac posen, jenny packham (the list goes on and on)'s the next best thing to being there and has kept us in the know on the latest and greatest from nyfw. as much as we are dreaming of spring, some of these pics have us already excited about fall jewel tones, buffalo plaid check (as seen in rag and bone), oversize sweaters, and pink (lots and lots of pink).

k, s, & c

k's pick - michael kors

s's pick - erin fetherston

c's pick - kate spade (obvi!)

(pics via k, s, and c's insta)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Glow

busy philipps "to be a good wife when you're really focused on being a good mother, that's the hardest thing of all" -bp
leslie fremar & children "if i wasn't a stylist, i'd be a stay-at-home mom" -lf
claire vivier & oscar "he has a strong sense of style, and little flourishes on his own" -cv
rebecca taylor & kids "i tell my girls to love themselves and their bodies just the way they are." -rt

jennifer fisher & kids "i wish i was better at sitting still & playing pretend" -jf
rebecca minkoff & luca "we don't like to leave him so we take him out at night" -rm
our good friend albe sent over the glow to us a couple weeks ago. needless to say we spent a good half hour (ok, maybe hour) on the website clicking through the photos and reading all about these power houses of mommas who have the best styling tips and suggestions on how to be a multi-task guru. it only took a couple photos + stories for us to think of our own (rockstar) momma. we know it's not mother's day, but we want skinny buddha to know how much we love her and we constantly ask ourselves (and have asked our whole life) how she does it all while always looking amazing & stylish. she has that special kind of mom magic that we hope to sprinkle over our lil' loved ones one day...

now go check out the glow. let us know what you think! ...and maybe shoot your mom a text how much you appreciate her ;)

k, s, & c

(photos via the glow)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

J.Crew Fall 2014 RTW

i finally caught up on nyfw happenings last night cuddled in bed (hiding from the brrr, chiberia). and well, they strike again. or so tom mora, j.crew's head women's designer does. inspired through his trip last year to berlin, this collection's inspiration is 1920-30's germany and it's full of sparkle & color (would you expect anything less from j.crew?!). during this era, it was a very prosperous time for art, poetry, and music (or so i read here). all of which was centered around cabarets.

enter in: the j.crew fall 2014 rtw collection. the dropped waist pants, color palette, vertical white & black stripes, and tweed. post world war I women started wearing ties and and wearing pants. being in menswear and personally loving mixing super feminine pieces (like gold sequins) & a red lip with menswear inspired pieces- this collection is everything and i can't wait to get my hands on it this fall before the pieces sell out... which we all know the outerwear will be the first to go. ;)


(photos via