Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding My Forever

it's 5am and i'm laying in bed wide awake... have been since 4 when my husband left for the airport. i used to think of myself as someone who would always enjoy my "me" time and revel in the days that i get to wake up and make my own schedule, watch entertainment news without being teased and blast dave matthews on repeat because my hubby skipped town with the boys. but, all that changed when i met w. don't get me wrong, i love the occasional night in and love my afternoons or nights out with the girls (especially s & c!), but whenever w is not with me… a piece of me is missing. 

w is my best friend. the one i call when i have good news to share. the shoulder i lean on when life is challenging. the one i laugh with like no other. the one i dance around the kitchen with like no one's watching. the one that i want to share every moment with because life is better when he's sharing those moments with me. 

four years ago this spring when he left for a week of sailing… i simply couldn't sleep. i had a knot in my stomach. it was the first time we had been in different cities since we started dating and it was my dear friend AP that clued me in… i was head over heels in love and it literally hurt to be apart. 

this morning reminds me of that morning four years ago when i knew i had found my forever. these occasional times that we travel separately or spend a day on our own are absolutely necessary for many reasons, but i believe the most important reason is the reminder of the love and appreciation i have for my other half. 

we all deserve this forever love. one true test is traveling together (a must before saying "i do"). but i believe the real test is how you feel when you take that time apart. when you find someone that makes you feel this way, hold onto it. it's the real thing.


(photo taken by adam alexander)

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