Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recipe for Chi-berian Survival

is anyone else feeling like this winter has taken a major toll on their hair, skin, and waistline?? oh buddy…you are not alone. after being in florida, i realized how just a little humidity, a touch of vitamin d, and running outside can make a world of difference to your overall psyche and well being. but now that i am back in chi-beria with at least another few months of this winter nonsense... i need to find a way to keep myself (and my skin and hair) looking and feeling fab til the weather warms up and its time for cocktails at the j. parker.

here is my recipe for chi-berian survival:
  • chanel hydra beauty creme nightly (it is worth every penny)
  • after work breaks at bliss (the triple oxygen facial is UNREAL) 
  • kiehls. is. amazing. 
  • golden girl chicago is a stys fav to get our golden glow on
  • reform chicago (k and her hubs turned me on to pilates...great compliment to my running routine)
  • kerastase shampoo (i've tried to save money by using other shampoos and it's not worth it, this one is the best for dry, highlighted hair)

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