Tuesday, November 19, 2013


the joys of a handwritten card. for me there are many joys of both writing and receiving cards. i just snagged the last stack of these at the kate spade 900 building store, keep an eye out this holiday season ladies + gents. ;) 

but to be serious for a paragraph or two- i just received the loveliest handwritten card from a very dear friend of mine. every word was perfect and took me by surprise. it got me thinking. it sounds cliche, but it truly is more about quality then quantity as you grow old(er). i've realized over the years and firmly believe, people do come into your life for a reason and sometimes they leave for a reason. it's not always easy, in fact sometimes it can be really tough but as our guy friend ty once said to s "that's life". you learn to take the good with the bad, the easy with the not so easy, and just roll with it. 

my good friend lea sent me this the other night and the handwritten card reminded me of it. they mention how your 20s is all about spending time with the ones who challenge your mind, inspire you, are there for you when you're at your worst, and just energize you by being around them. but to me that isn't just your 20s. that is all ages. the ones who bring out the best version of you and try to understand you at your best & your worst- hold on to them through all stages of life. at least i am going to try to! 

life moves fast. there are a lot of storms to get through. dance through those storms with the ones you know will be there for the next storm (and the next). an email, text, a fbook message, these are all well and good but what i do know is a handwritten card is a reminder to someone that they are worth the time. just like that, i was not only thankful for the friend who wrote me the card but reminded to always put time into the people and things you care most about. karma, it all comes back around. 


p.s. here are a few card ideas for your best friend, sister, dance partner, co worker, or neighbor: 

(pictures via kate spade / etsy)

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