Monday, November 25, 2013

Tru(ly) Something Else

have you ever experienced something that when you wake up the next morning you have to ask yourself, "did that actually happen?" well, dine at tru in chicago and that is how you will feel. it's a culinary experience that goes beyond the food. it's an experience you won't forget. between the dedicated top notch service, artwork, the food (and it's presentation), the table for two in the kitchen, and chef anthony's undeniable creative genius...find a way to tru.

when you think of a fifteen course meal, jacket required restaurant- i don't know about you, but my mind goes to pretentious and a bit stuffy. however tru is the exact opposite. their servers are as knowledgeable as they are fun. the restaurant manager exudes professionalism (and wears some fantastic suits), but makes a killer manhattan (hence his nickname michael manhattan). you would imagine the chef to be a bit old(er) given the many awards he and the restaurant have received... but chef anthony is young & has passion that is contagious. he's one of those people that just by being around him you feel energized and want to create something that people will call unforgettable because that is what he has accomplished at tru. when i asked him what he loved most about what he does, he said "everything". there's really no questioning that given all of the above ^ and below.

whether you're a foodie, enjoy a fantastic wine list, appreciate killer food presentation, or if you're looking for a spot to celebrate an anniversary or even just a saturday night... make it happen and find a way to tru. in the mean time, go grab a burger and fries at m burger on huron around dinner time to catch a glimpse into tru's kitchen. you may even see chef anthony testing out the caviar levitation. trust me, you'll be amazed by the talented, fun, and lively tru team.

p.s. their cocktail list is A+. at the very least go get your drink on and ask for the martini with the stars in it...worth every drop.
there is an ottoman for your purse(s) at the table!

(pictures via c's iphone)

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