Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Owen NYC

approximately 25,000 brown paper bags surface the walls and ceiling of nyc 1,800 sq ft store owen. it looks like a honeycomb pattern as you enter and needless to say it's awesome. i've wanted to visit this store since they opened in 2012 and i finally got there yesterday during my quick visit to nyc. the interior caught my attention, but also after reading many articles on the owner focusing his efforts on selling all nyc based emerging designers intrigued me. he also said he likes to treat anyone who walks through the door like beyonce... and to me that is true understanding of amazing client relations.

my friend and i both agreed it was a pretty sweet store that felt very warm. the curated selection of clothing and jewelry they sell creates quite the lengthy wishlist too. #1&2 on my list is this top & this necklace (my fav emoji to use- seems fitting to have a necklace). be sure to make your way to the meatpacking district to check owen out for yourself whether you live in the city or can pay a visit!

i will just have to order online until my next visit to ny! ;)


p.s. check back soon for snaps from my stay in ny!

(pictures via owen)

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