Tuesday, January 28, 2014

-8 Degrees...Take Me to O'Hare, Please!

so upon walking out of my apartment into the lovely -8 degrees (the weatherman reported that it is actually an improvement from yesterday, you have got to be kidding me...), i made it about four blocks and found myself hailing a cab, directed the cabbie to head to o'hare, was dropped at the american airlines ticket counter, requested a ticket on the next flight to the virgin islands and soon found myself at the gate ready to board with nothing but my purse and my "can't live without" zara tartan scarf (figure it can double as a beach towel, right??). i will just buy a swimsuit and the necessities once i am down there...beach, sun, and 80 degrees, here i come!

ha, okkkk...so noooo that really didn't happen this morning but how great would it have been if i really did jump a plane to paradise on a whim?? i am sure the thought crossed your mind this morning too...

but luckily i am just a week away from heading down to florida to meet up with some good friends to share a weekend in miami/palm beach to celebrate turning the big 2-9. it can not come soon enough...which is why i have started to plan what i am packing (it's a great distraction from this crazy weather) and what items i might need to pick up this weekend to add to my suitcase.

here is a lil peek at what im packing and eyeing...


every weekend getaway needs a great pair of
 traveling and walking shoes

loving floral...

a good cover up that goes from the beach to the bar is essential... 
you don't really need to bring anything else 

every beach vacay needs a fabulous hat, right??

i like to pack lightly when i can and this bag 
is not only cute but is the perfect size for carry-on

obsessed...these are perfect for day to night

 classic yet retro...love

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