Friday, January 24, 2014

Lululemon Lab at 900 Shops

lululemon lab
lululemon lab
doc b's fresh kitchen (#stys fav)

aside from us loving everything lululemon- we especially love when a brand has a line that is exclusive to them. who doesn't love a lil' exclusivity? introduce: lululemon lab which we posted on the other day. you can read more about it here. it's only been sold and available in vancouver until now. you can head over to lulu at the 900 shops to check out some of these coveted pieces.

we jumped on board when lulu asked us to co-host their event for all the instructors in the city to see the lulu lab pieces first. we enjoyed bites by doc b's (our fav!) and vino while we perused the merchandise. our favorites were the black lab pieces with the gold detail. they are pieces that can be worn to fitness classes, but also can be worn out to drinks because of that gold zipper detail. just makes them seem a little more studio to street friendly... or so we think!

be sure to get over to 900 shops lululemon before it's too late! these pieces won't last long and it's undetermined if there will be more coming from vancouver. we can only hope so!

k, s, & c

(pictures taken by c)

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