Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter to C

this one is for all the little sisters...

dear c,

as your older sister, someone who has had just a few more years of life experiences than you (doesn't make me too much wiser but hey, i'll try), it is my job to be just a phone call away when you need me, to always listen and remind you, that you my friend are one fabulous kick ass lady.

there are going to be times when you put yourself out there, open yourself up to the possibility of what could be knowing that it might never be. knowing that it might not work out, knowing you might not get the response you wanted, but i guarantee that keeping an open heart and mind, will always guide you down a path full of love, compassion, and true honesty, a life with no regrets.

friends, boyfriends, and just people in general can be disappointing. but in the midst of the disappointment, confusion and what can be called nothing other than bullshit, there will be moments that will define you, help you to grow, and will give you a sense of perspective. this perspective is priceless.

and in the mean time, i think your friend mo had it right when she sent this to you today:

so let's plan an adventure, remain open, confident, and humble, you bring the smart-ass comebacks and i will bring the quick wit (followed by dirty jokes, you know i am capable of that) and remember your presence is beautiful, both inside and out. 

s, your big sister

p.s. as skinny buddha has told us, "you're not easy, it's going to take a strong man to be with you, one that is not intimidated and can keep up with you." in the mean time, let's remain always "powerfully sexy."

(picture via pinterest and quote via @rosielondoner insta)

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