Tuesday, October 22, 2013

He Told You So

as the sole male contributor to she told you so, i don't think you'll be finding anything too groundbreaking when it comes to traditional men's interests- sports, beer, hunting, hangin' with the bros... yeah, definitely not my forte. there's a reason why i love the ladies of she told you so and a part of that has to do with our interests being very much aligned. with he told you so- expect tales of my latest fashion obsession (which will inevitably become my latest irrational splurge), the perils of dating in the big city, travel, and wishing that you had more time (and funds) to take advantage of it, interior design tips, and more gems from my busy, but always rewarding life.

speaking of my life- it's been a bit transitional lately as i started a new amazing job last week, i'm moving back to the gold coast in 2 weeks AND for the first time in over 3 years- i now have a boyfriend. even saying the words "i have a boyfriend" seems so unnatural to me. it's obviously been far too long. trying to take everything in stride, but i'm the happiest that i've been in a long time and i know that it comes from hard work and surrounding yourself with positive people who genuinely support and care about you (much like c, s, k, and of course, the skinny buddha). looking forward to sharing these adventures as they develop with designing my new apartment, managing my new job (which thankfully involves quite a bit of travel to fun destinations!) and not completely sabotaging my relationship. trying to balance it all and thankfully i've got a great team of ladies on my side.


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  1. to NYC NOW!!! My life has gone downhill since our breakup in twenty-twelve :'( LOVE YOU! - celiney