Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crack Pie

i was recently at a friend’s place, catching up over a glass of wine, when i spotted the words “momofuku milk bar” on her coffee table. i lost track of what we were talking about and immediately picked up the book in search of the recipe for crack pie

i must admit, i didn’t know anything about the momofuku empire until my first thanksgiving with my husband’s family. there was a lot of chatter that night about the crack pie that had been flown in from nyc (i couldn’t believe pie had actually been flown in from new york!). but, one bite and i understood. it is off the charts craveable and something you simply can’t go through life without trying. now that i know the cookbook is just an amazon click away, we’re all in trouble! s & c… I see a night of wine and pastries in our future. who am i kidding?? many nights! ;)


(photos via cooking channel / pinterest)