Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Almond Milk & Tomatoes?"

i haven't checked bloglovin' in over a week. my front hall has turned into my heel & purse closet (i kick those heels off as soon as i hit the front door). i haven't been on nymag the cut in what feels like years. there is almond milk and tomatoes in my fridge (d lish right?). my dry cleaning has been ready for a week and a half. is ben from the bachelor really dating kris jenner? this isn't me venting- this is me explaining just how busy of a bee i am right now and not having the time i wish i had to blog. in other words, please forgive me for i will be back on track soon-ish.

for now i am trying to fit in a run daily before i head to my job that i love, catch up with my loved ones, while also getting that thing we all lack... sleep. balance right? it's like walkin' a flippin' tightrope. between kombucha breakfasts, 5 minute daily mail work breaks, and sweet texts from a certain someone... getting by.

so here's my lazy post. the things (and people) that keep me smiling & items i can't live without-

white walls by macklemore (on repeat)
these pita chips
this tea 
go to heels
any of these booties/boots
my rag & bone dunaway hat that hides my hang overs
weekend afternoon shoes 
my KS 'play the field' purse pouch (or so i call it that) *on sale
AG love knot ring i never take off
my skin serum savior
la crema
this spa never fails me with a mani pedi (and calling in for a last minute appointment)
2 words: pixies pants
the bag that stores my life
these fold perfectly into my purse pocket
never, ever take these off!
my sisters, mom, elizabeth, aj, & work fam (no link necessary) 

alright off to work... have a happy hump day all!


(photo via pinterest)

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