Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweet As Can Be

it was only a few weeks ago i found out my best friend's boyfriend was planning on proposing to her on her birthday which happened to be yesterday. :) i can't even begin to imagine the anticipation on his end leading up to that moment because all day i could not even begin to contain my own excitement.

she is one of those special people, those amazing friends that you are truly lucky to find and once you do, you know that whether you are 26 or 86, adele's set fire to the rain will come on, and you two will dance, sing at the top of your lungs, not caring if anyone else sees or hears you. she is the one that will jump on a bus at the last minute to nyc with you just because you need a partner in crime for a wild night out. and the one that will always be there with a smile (and fro yo) when you need someone to hear you out on that relationship that has been going on for far too long or pull you out of that funk you just can't seem to shake, always finding a way to support and love you through it. 

so when her bf proposed, it could not have more perfectly captured the essence of her and their relationship; light-hearted, fun-loving and sweet as can be. 

so of course, as girls do, i put something in the mail this last weekend as a special little engagement/birthday present. here are a number of ideas that like my friend are "sweet as can be" and you can give to your best friend when that special day comes whether it's just because or because she is joyfully screaming at the other end of the line, "I'M ENGAGED!" 


p.s. sw- you will soon find out what lil surprise is headed your way...congrats my friend! the best is yet to come...LY!

(pictures via sw/kate spade/dana rebecca designs/ariel gordon jewelry/vogue)

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