Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Ah-ha" Moments

there are moments in life when you question whether you have made the right decision or are in the right have been there, right?? but then there are times when you know that you are exactly where you are meant to be for all the right reasons. the skinny buddha calls these "ah-ha" moments...

while in dc this last weekend, i had an "ah-ha" moment. 

when i lived there, i would go for long runs on the mall and always stop at the steps behind the lincoln memorial to stair climb. i found it to be just the right therapy to get my mind off of my crazy life working on the hill and allowed me to escape the political bubble (even if just for a little while). it was my "me" time to work through life and whatever was on my mind. 

so here i was doing that same run, climbing those same stairs and it felt completely different. rather than feeling angst...i felt completely energized and a sense of excitement for what's next? at the time, it was running back to georgetown for brunch with my amazing gfs but in the bigger picture, it was the excitement of all of the possibilities. a little voice in my head was saying, "you know you are on the right track when you are uninterested in looking back..."

so with that said, i wanted to share bits of an email from a friend this morning, another "ah-ha" moment: people come and go in your life, some are not forever, things change but incredible "forever" friends like sw are unconditional reminders of what life is all about. thank you sw for sharing the "ah-ha" today. 


Subject: Something that made me smile tonight...

OK. so i started going back and reading through some of the she told you so posts i missed and i came across this little gem from skinny buddha. it truly made me smile, almost brought a tear to my eye. 

the journey sb talks about is so real and honest... for me it struck a note tonight because i've gotten to play and watch some of the journey and transitions of sb's own little s ... and this weekend, it was really amazing to see your smiles, hear you talk about your epiphanies and the up's and down's with a little perspective...even if one only knew you from the tiny snap-shot this weekend when you jumped up on the table at town hall to announce with arms wide open, "you're getting married!," it wouldn't take them long to understand that you always bring a lot of love, countless hours filled with laughter, a little glam, some spunk and you always go the extra mile, or 700 in this case...

so somehow i got caught up rambling on and on in this email, but what i set out to say, ever so got a lot from sb and share similar priorities--- putting family and friends first and trying always to see the beauty in the small things. maybe that's why i liked this so much... 

love you s. glad you made it back to chiberia safely! 

until next time, 

p.s. you have me talking in initials!


(picture via s's iphone)

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