Wednesday, March 5, 2014

He Told You So: My Music Evolution

much like our new she told you so series (ahem, meet denise), we are rolling out a new he told you so series... these features will give you a glimpse into the male's psyche. and who doesn't want that glimpse? we'll be featuring men of all ages so get yourself excited. i know we are! without further ado... our first #htys guest feature:

name: duh - cougar or AC
age: 31
where are you from? dc by way of nashville and rochester

single/attached... at the hip, when i'm not traveling

chicago is… my concubine

what is on your bucket list... travel the world in anthony bourdain's pocket

what do you drink? beer and wine, darker the better

favorite book... periodical man myself, no books

what 3 famous people would you invite to dinner? danny tanner, uncle jesse katsopolis and uncle joey gladstone

ideal date... wine tasting to pig roast to country music concert

on a sunday morning, you can find me... hangin' with schmoopie, snuggling or spinning

on a saturday night, you can find me... out and about

what's the best advice you have ever received? chew your food slowly (I still need to learn how to do that)

if i could do it again, what would 30 year old me tell 18 year old me about women and relationships? don't get invested in one too quickly, you really won't know what you want until that one day in the future when it just clicks...and chicks don't dig pleated pants.

love is... when you're lying in a hotel bed, right before you go to sleep, and you automatically turn to your side to snuggle a pillow that your mind says is her but isn't.

my music evolution...
i’m a strong believer that you can tell a lot about where a man’s at in a relationship by knowing what he’s listening to. you’ll never confuse me with a country boy, but i am a gentleman and a country music fan (these do exist in the north) and this is where the story begins and will end. i’ve made my share of mistakes, in fact telling one ex-girlfriend that dierks bentley’s “lot of leavin’ left to do” (no more lyrics required to understand) was my anthem.  not very cool, immature….i know this now.

funny enough, it’s a different story. i’m a different story. four to five days a week on the road will put it in perspective. i absolutely cannot wait, seriously I have dreams about this, to blast an email farewell to my colleagues with nothing but a single line, maybe 20 characters in all – no words just a little youtube link that says everything more perfectly than i could ever express myself. never has my favorite country song, courtesy of gary allan, resonated so clearly as it does now…

There's a plane flyin' outta here tonight
Destination New Orleans
Boss man says my big promotion's on the line
He says that's right where I need to be

lately i've been on the road more than i've been home
all this leavin' her alone is killin' me
and holdin' her right now has got me thinkin' more and more
this is right where I need to be

there were plenty of other favorite songs in between that i could rattle off over a couple glasses of bourbon or beer,  but know that this is where i’m at and i’ve never known myself better. i’d like to speak for all men out there, maybe i can’t; but, i’m sure as hell over the next few years that as the music evolves, so will i. i think other men will too.

AC #htys

(picture via s's iphone)

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