Tuesday, November 5, 2013

C be Poppin' Fizzin' & Clinkin'

it's obvious from my if only post i have an obsession with all things kate spade. while on pinterest last night, i fell absolutely head over heels for all their new arrivals. besides every item being so stinkin' clever and cute... they seem appropriate in life right now. besides every day being reason to celebrate... there are a number of things and people to pop fizz clink to. first and foremost the following birthdays- theo, richie, jacki, regan, and mattie... then a big work project that has consumed me (in the best way) since spring. so whatever it is, i hope you find reason to pop fizz clink this week and find as much delight in the details as i do with kate spade's new arrivals. is it too early for a mimosa? 


(photos taken from kate spade)

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