Friday, May 2, 2014

Three For Mother's Day Gifts

mother's day is next weekend, and what better time to treat your mom to something she wouldn't normally do for herself? whether it be a unique gift, a bouquet of her favorite flowers or something you can do together... the important part is letting her know how much you appreciate her. here are a few gifts we've been thinking about...

c's pick - winifred grace necklaces

we've blogged about wg's jewelry before, but i am quite in l.o.v.e. with her designs. perfect personalized gift for your momma!

s's pick - flywheel chicago
the skinny buddha has always inspired us to stay fit and workout,
no better gift for mom than a gc to flywheel, spin it out together this mother's day! :)

k's pick - bliss chicago
the skinny buddha introduced us to bliss a few years ago, which immediately
became one of our favorite escapes for a little r&r. nothing better than their triple oxygen facial followed by a massage and mani/pedi! perfect gift for mother's day.

k, s, & c
(photos via k's insta / pinterestwinifred grace )

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