Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Deal Breaker

he might as well have told me he has a tattoo of jesus covering his a**, a crazy sexual fetish with stuffed animals or heck, that he lives with his parents still...but it wasn't any of these things.

it could not have been a better first date...great chemistry, conversation was easy, he was charming, fun, made me laugh...overall, it was everything you hope to have when you first meet someone. by the end of the dinner, i was already thinking about the second date. but then it happened. the deal breaker. 

he is a smoker.

ugh, really?! my face said it all. for anyone that knows me, i am not one to hide how i feel, it's normally written all over my face.

so when he asked about date number 2, i had to break it to him in typical s fashion, "'not going to lie' smoking is a deal breaker, kind of a game changer, you're great but yea, smoking, not going to work for me..." after many relationships, numerous first dates, i know what i am capable of, i know what i want and a guy that takes a break for anything but a cup of a coffee or a great make out is not one i want to be dating. too harsh? ya know, i don't think so. 

i am all for compromising in relationships and like to think i'm open minded but, BUT some things are just deal breakers. whatever those things are to you, make a list. no one is perfect but the perfect person for you will be. 

so i received a text message this changer or deal breaker? we'll see...


(picture via s's iphone)

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