Friday, April 4, 2014

Three For The Home

k's pick-
apple tv
w brought this home one day and i rolled my eyes - another electronic?
but, i have to admit, i fell in love immediately (as i do with all apple products).
fun to have photos scrolling, easy access to movies, tv shows, etc... and only $99!

s's pick-
capri blue candle in a jar
whether i'm alone or have company,
i always have my capri blue candles burning in my lil studio.

c's pick-
my bestie has me storing his butler's tray stand (a.k.a. using it!) while there isn't a place in his apt for it and now i can't imagine apt life without it. whether a butler's tray stand or bar cart- it's definitely an apartment/home essential!

k, s, & c

(pictures via apple, anthro, west elm)

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