Tuesday, April 8, 2014

C's New Secret Weapon

after being sick three times this (never ending) winter, i am taking all of skinny buddha's advice and being as healthy as possible to keep my immune system in check and my natural energy going. my new secret weapon: coconut

this green smoothie i made this week is oh so delicious... no joke, i was shocked when i took my first sip. who knew spinach, banana, mango, almond milk, chia, and low fat coconut milk would hit the spot? well it sure did and i didn't even reach for a coffee after!

this body scrub is easy to do from home and only takes 5 ingredients. i am a sucker for fresh body scrub, but this is easier on my bank account. sea salt, raw sugar, coconut oil, sweet orange, and essential oil- you are ready to exfoliate and on the way to have your skin glowing. be sure to add all the ingredients with the largest proportion being sea salt, then top it off with the coconut oil. add 30 orange drops last and stir with a spoon of knife. voila!

this is a new adult beverage i will be testing out soon... champagne, coconut water, and a fruit juice of your choice- don't forget a pretty garnish! my go to coconut water: raw coco

don't underestimate the power of coconut. it's my new secret weapon...


(pictures via pinterest)

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