Wednesday, April 23, 2014

C's 2nd Secret Weapon

i revealed my 1st secret weapon recently. on to my next...

if it's not a smoothie first thing, it's hot water with lemon nowadays. i used to just reach for my coffee right away, but i was finding myself with stomach aches and all around just not feeling right. i kept reading how beneficial adding lemon to hot water was for the mornings to help settle your tummy & aid digestion and now i can't seem to get enough. but my lemon weapon hasn't stopped there... read on to see where else i am using it...

1. especially, err, during that time of month a few unwanted blemishes pop up. my trick is to squeeze fresh lemon on the blemishes in the evening. by morning, the redness is gone.

2. like i mentioned above... i am pretty much addicted to hot water with lemon. maybe it's all in my head, but it really helps my digestive system, skin, and tummy. side wine note: this helps hang overs too!

3. just like i start the morning with lemon, if i know i won't be able to fall asleep as quickly as i'd like (due to a late night flywheel class)... i brew some chamoille tea and add lemon. apparently, it proves to help calmness. it's workin' for me... 


p.s. this is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. helps get that hot water going first thing!

(pictures via my own & pinterest)

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