Thursday, February 6, 2014


it's no secret that my husband and i love to cook... my sister-in-law and her husband gave us a couple of cookbooks, one of which is full of vegetarian recipes (amazing!). i'm not a big meat eater... i stick to chicken & turkey with the occasional indulgence in bacon. so when i started looking through these delicious veggie recipes... i couldn't wait to get home & start cooking! only dilemma... which one to cook first?

as we're currently in the middle of what has come to be known as "the polar vortex" or "chiberia," i decided to go with something warm & hearty - ratatouille. not to be confused with the disney movie, which - by the way - i highly recommend if you haven't seen it!

ratatouille is an incredibly healthy and easy dish to make. you can pretty much put any veggies in you want and it'll be delish. this particular recipe called for parsnips (not a fan), so we substituted carrots. cilantro for garnish adds the perfect touch of freshness in every bite.

check out tamara's ratatouille among other recipes in yotam ottolenghi's plenty (artichoke gratin, chickpea/tomato & bread soup, asparagus mimosa... and the list goes on!). you won't regret it.

ps. when making a dish with as many vegetables as ratatouille, it's best to have a fantastic knife. my hubby bought me this one soon after we started dating (& cooking together!).
(photos taken by k)

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