Monday, February 3, 2014

"Feel like a woman, wear a dress" -DVF

fashion. what's there not to love? i've been obsessed since my first toddler play date with a dress-up costume box. since about the age of 13 (as i'm sure most girls can relate) every fashion magazine became my tunnel vision of defining and accumulating my wishes for style and individuality. when asked 'living or deadwho would you have a glass of wine with?' my answer without hesitation is... the incomparable dvf... where is this post going? keep reading...

working last week with a client's wife, i had whiplash as i impressively listened to her own professional bio... a career resume of an evp of a fortune 500 company... passionate about women in business... never afraid of wearing high fashion in the workplace (rick owens, her fave designer)... this by chance meeting with this lovely woman inspired me, got the mind racing with new ideas and goals... impressive motivating womennaturally and mentally in walks dvf...

chance encounters? tell me about it... last week in nyc at the dvf store located in the meatpacking district i lost out (by less than a minute) meeting, seeing my fashion icon... having askeda sales associate said we had just missed her walk thru the store (the studio/ hq is located above the store front)...awgh... i texted s immediatelyi knew she would understand and sympathize!

well between the shock of almost breathing the same air as dvf and after being surprisingly inspired by a new acquaintanceboth true confident rock stars in business... it has me grateful for my fashion obsession and has me devoted to writing a post on dvf- her iconic wrap dresses, the impressionable style of amy adams in american hustle and an exhibit i am refusing to miss (hello LA- i'm on my way)...

Journey of a Dress Exhibit
Very 1st wrap dress & announcement for WWD

who didn't love amy adams fashion in american hustle? especially the dvf wrap dresses she rocked. not only did they look great, but they served as a symbol. dvf herself summed it up perfectly with vanity fair, "two weeks before the opening of my exhibition i saw american hustle and i was blown away... not only did i love the movie and the characters... but to see DVF wrap dresses there, not only as dresses but as a symbol of amy adam's character coming to terms with her power as a woman... that was the best gift i could get for 40th anniversary wrap dress!" 

it's amazing that the wrap dress continues to be re-invented through color, style, and pattern. for me personally, the dvf wrap dress is so much more than just a dress that hangs in my closet. the dress represents an important time in chicago for me. it was a time when i was throwing myself into the city mix by applying for restaurant hostess positions to make some extra money when not at school (naturally to be able to afford my fashion fixes of course :). i thought about wearing something very professional to the interview, but the skinny buddha looked at me and pointed to my dvf green wrap dress. i know that the client i just spoke with this past saturday and dvf would agree that you don't necessarily have to wear a work blazer and pencil skirt to feel confident & respectable. 

if you have your own story you wish to submit about your wrap dress, do it here. rumor has it dvf reads every single submission...and for some reason that doesn't surprise me at all.


(pictures via vanity fair / wrap40)

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