Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eataly Chicago

"the idea of eataly has always been to combine what's most beautiful in italy; food, design, fashion, and also art, literature and music." -ceo & founder of eataly oscar farinetti

pizza, pasta, gelato, mozzarella, nutella, espresso....eataly. :)

on saturday night we travelled to italy right here in chicago. we have been counting the days since we heard that mario batali and his partners were going to open his famed eataly in our great city. every time we go to nyc, we always make a stop at eataly whether it's for a glass of wine or two scoops of pistachio gelato. we are beyond ecstatic that we now have our own little taste of italy not too far from each of our apartments.

italy truly has a piece of our hearts. both s and c studied abroad in roma and k & her hubby fell in love with italia so much they have already done two trips to both northern and southern italy.

we were excited to attend the preview this past saturday where we started our evening with vino and antipasti in the piazza, followed by pizza and pasta at the cafe and ended our evening with caramel and chocolate gelato.

head on over to eataly at 4pm today when the doors officially open. we'll be on the 2nd floor getting the verdure pizza. the crust is the type of pizza crust you only find in italy... trust us and go get some!

k, s, & c

(pictures via k's iphone)

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