Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Three Things I Learned From Diane Keaton

1).  "Home is a place where when you knock on the door, they have to let you in."
2).  "I want to be necessary to someone."  
3).  "Now will be then but then will never be now." 

this last week, the lynn sage cancer research foundation hosted their annual fall benefit at the chicago hilton. it was nothing short of fabulous. this incredible group of amazing women started lynn sage in 1985 after they lost their friend, daughter, mother from breast cancer...let me tell you, their energy, love, and passion is contagious. 28 years later, they have raised over $27 million dollars!

the afternoon was kicked off with a purse auction...what better way to raise money than 1,100 women in a room bidding over vintage chanel, YSL, Hermes, louis vuitton?? it was fantastic.

the keynote speaker for the luncheon was none other than the beautiful, witty, captivating Diane Keaton...she had me the moment she walked into the ballroom. she looked fabulous. she was rocking a fitted black leather blazer cinched at the waist with a belt, a classic sleek pencil skirt, her trademark glasses, and 5 inch leather booties that to our surprise immediately took off the moment she got to the podium, apologizing that she just didn't feel right with them on once she got up there. her candidness and "here i am" first impression was beyond memorable. it drew you in. she was real, quirky as can be and someone you no doubt wish you could grab a glass of wine with. as soon as she started talking i knew she was someone special even well beyond the diane we have seen and loved in annie hall, father of the bride, the godfather, and something's gotta give...

she related many of the stories from her memoir titled, Then Againall very open, honest, and an intimate window into her thoughts and life. i highly recommend picking it up so you too can learn a few things from Diane Keaton. #stys


diane purchased two fab purses - vintage louis was one of them ;)

to-die-for vintage chanel - if only...

diane's second fab purchase - love the polka dots of this miu miu

i officially have a crush on the 
late walter mathau...read p. 263 of Then Again

p.s. october is breast cancer awareness month, remind all the women in your life and consider donating to lynn sage cancer research foundation.

(photos via s's insta / Then Again, Diane Keaton)

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