Monday, October 14, 2013

Fairy Godmother

we have a fairy godmother. yep, a real live fairy godmother. she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside... a modern day chanel, always dressed to perfection. classy would be an understatement to capture her effortless style, elegance and paris chic fashion she exhibits each and every day. never without a red lip, her signature haircut and pearls, she embodies that timeless glamour that belongs in the fashion history books with the likes of jackie o and audrey hepburn.

as girls, she would take us shopping at christmas time where we could pick out an outfit of our choice. imagine being 12-15 years old, going into bloomingdales and trying on all of the things you only wish you could have?? it was magic. just like that, she made each of us feel so incredibly special. 

now as women, she still sprinkles us with her fairy dust whether it's her unconditional support and advice on love, life and our careers or the vintage hermes scarves she passes down to us for special occasions. she empowers us to be strong women, never to settle for anything less than our dreams and always shoot for the stars. she has given us our modern day cinderella moments. 

this last friday night was no different. we went to her house for a closet clean out. the wine and bubbly were flowing along with our friends calvin klein, chanel, hermes, luca luca, and was an unforgettable night of dress up, fashion, girly laughs, and dancing (roar!).

even cinderella needed a little help...extra special thanks to our fairy godmother for outfitting us in everlasting style and love. 

hope you enjoy these moments as much as we did.

k, s, & c 

p.s. can you spy the skinny buddha??
(photos taken on c's iphone)

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