Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lovely Day

isn't it crazy how a song can come on at the bar with your friends, through someone's car window, or like today, the street singer on michigan avenue when you least expect it and just like that, you are taken away from reality, flooded with emotions you have been trying so hard not to feel and reminded of everything you have been trying so hard to forget. 

i was lucky to have had someone come into my life at a time when i needed him most. but 
unfortunately our good timing didn't last. he was someone i could always count on, challenged me in ways i didn't know were possible, drove me absolutely crazy but reminded me that there were things in life worth fighting for. 

it's already been a few months now. i have kept busy, had that post breakup night of shots and dancing with girlfriends, ran it out on the lakefront (balanced with enough talenti gelato and lou malnatti's pizza that is nothing short of embarrassing) and even dated others. all in all, i have been going through the motions of moving on and letting go.

my girlfriend said to me the other day, which i think everyone needs to hear after a breakup but it's so true which is why i am sharing it with you. "if it's not him and you thought you were happy, imagine how happy you are going to be when you find the one." right?? 

in the mean time, it is a lovely day and every time i hear that song, it's going to remind me of what was and the possibilities of what i know will be. #stys


when I wake up in the mornin', love

and the sunlight hurts my eyes
and somethin' without warnin', love
bears heavy on my mind
then I look at you
and the world's alright with me
just one look at you
and I know it's gonna be
a lovely day

(photo via s's insta / song by bill withers)

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