Friday, January 30, 2015


i read a great post on mind body green yesterday, 15 Signs You Are Ready to Meet the Love of Your ended saying, "whether you're single or not, there's no need to stress over meeting the "right" partner at the "right" time." 

as a single person, this is easier said than done. after one too many first date disappointments, it's easy to wonder, "is it really possible to find someone that you not ultimately share a connection with but also manage to cross paths at a time when you are both ready and looking for the same thing." gosh, you would think this would be an easy thing...i mean, how hard could this be?? In actuality, SO HARD. As c said to me yesterday, "people are complicated." ha, but then we laughed at ourselves because who are we kidding? we are complicated as all hell. (it's part of our charm, right?)  ;) 

as we all know, people and life can be REALLY complicated.

i am a firm believer that timing or lack there of is everything. as i reflect on turning 30 next week, i would say that my greatest lesson learned from my 20s is the appreciation of timing and the patience that comes along with it. when it comes to most things in life whether it be love, work, relationships...timing seems to play a part in how the cards fall or at times how they don't fall exactly as you expected or hoped them to. you can try to challenge timing, force something to happen but some things are not meant to defy it. so there are times when you are just going to have to roll with it and succumb to the fact that some things are out of your control and take...time. but these moments, these people, these challenges, the crazy shit we all deal with in this amazing thing called life (unknown to you at the time) tend to help get you exactly where you never knew you wanted to be

"someday everything will make perfect sense. so, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason." (you just might not know what that reason is right now)


(photo via pinterest)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Exotic Muse

i've never been the type to wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to dating. although i do wear my heart on my sleeve for pretty much everything else in life so i do wonder why it's tough for me to open myself up to letting someone i care and like in. i think it's easier for me not to because then i won't set myself up to get hurt.

s on the other hand is the opposite. i admire s for always wearing her heart on her sleeve. she is constantly reminding me to be more open to it because feeling something for someone and having a one-of-a-kind connection rarely comes along.

enter in: my exotic muse. don't ask why i call him this, but it works. we had our first two dates without even knowing it. we were at the same places at the same time. that kind of meant to be 'stuff.' i admit it... i do love that kind of 'stuff.' our first date was memorable (for me any way). it was raining. he was battling a cold and i was naturally stressed with a crazy few days of work ahead of me. i sat across from him drinking beer after beer thinking there's something about this guy and whether or not we officially date, i want him in my life - he has a quiet way about him. he is adorable, smart, interesting and well, pretty much all-consuming. it was the kind of date that ends and you walk away from it and just hope no matter the circumstances you can be in each other's lives. i had to leave town for a few days and almost didn't catch him when i returned. thankfully that wasn't the case and there we were until 5am a couple bottles of wine in. little did i know, but i was letting him in - something i rarely do.

"i don't know. you never know with these types of things. he doesn't live here..." seems to be my M.O., but countless emails, texts, phone calls that cost far too much and another visit to chicago to see me has me re-thinking this whole letting someone in that you may just end up caring the world for. s has been and is right. it's worth the unknown of what may or may not be because the act of feeling something for someone where they are one of your first thoughts when you wake up (even luckier if they make it into your dreams) and the 'miss you dahling. goodnight' you look forward to at night... it sure is worth the unknown.

it's nice having someone build your confidence, remind you you're beautiful but what is the absolute best is finding someone who gives you butterflies because he is just so darn cute but more importantly he motivates you. inspires you. reminds you to take care of yourself and take that long hot shower and crawl into bed. or tells you 'i only want to be sweet to you, nothing else.' be it the exotic muse or whomever, i am thanking my lucky stars i was taught by someone i care the world for to let someone in. it's funny how that works.... and s is right. it's worth it.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Le Sigh

maybe it's the below pics i was perusing this morning or all the instagram pics of paris fashion week, but major le sigh. the things i would do to be over in paris right now...

my two beautiful (inside and out) friends are over in pari right now together as i type this. i keep receiving snaps of their adventures and their fabulousness. yes, they are the definition of fabulous in every way! it makes my heart yearn for adventure and for those moments with your friends that you live for! those times where you are uncontrollably laughing b/c well, you're together, or simply sitting having a coffee and/or vino having the best convo and that feeling of utter content because you're together in a city that isn't home. those moments that would never be able to compete with other moments.

so today i am cheers'n my coffee to two of my favorite ladies who are in paris right now. wishing them nothing but the best adventures this weekend, shopping purchases that only happen in pari, too many macaroons to count and endless lattes & vino at local cafes. i so wish i could be there, but i guess a trip back next year may just have to be in our future... jusque-là!

gros bisous et câlin,

(pictures via one of c's fav blogs)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Street Snaps #NYFW

a few fav street snaps taken in the streets of nyc <3 during nyfw.

happy friday, darlings!

k, s, & c

(photos via wwd)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


farm-to-table is really all the rage. but admittedly we l.o.v.e. it!

we wanted to share two recent gem of FTT chi finds.

locally crafted bouquets. all flower arrangements are sourced by their team and there are no add ons or extra fees plus they deliver for free to most chi zip codes! $35 and get this: each flower purchase benefits a local charity. yep, we love it. 

our good friend albe sent over big delicious planet's website last night. stylish green catering in west town AND they have a spot that is open from 7am-3pm, mon-fri that we can't wait to go check out. the daily specials change on the daily and we're so excited that we know a spot like this exists in the city. be sure to follow their insta to stay in the loop on what they are cookin' up daily.

k, s, & c

(pictures via f4d insta, bdp website)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

C's Petit Déjeuner

we're sorry. radio silence over here! s has been busy training for a half marathon, k is expecting (soon!!) and i launched my own biz (website coming soon!)... with all that said, we've been super duper busy. we're back tho and excited to share some adventures, recipes, advice (take it or leave it), dating stories & lots more... on to breakfast...

they say breakfast is the most important meal and well, my day doesn't officially start until i have breakfast (and 1-2... ok maybe 3 cups of coffee). since i now call home also my 'office' i wake up early, make some coffee then break mid-morning for breakfast. here are two of my favorite ez and healthy choices for a lil' petit déjeuner that i think you all should try!

o m g egg in an avocado

ingredients you need: 1 avocado, 2 organic eggs, your choosing of shredded cheese & fresh herbs
pairing optional: wheat toast (drizzled with olive oil), heirloom tomatoes, coffee & oj

1. pre heat oven to 425 degrees
2. cut avocado in half, take out the pit 
3. crack egg and pour carefully into center of avocado
4. carefully put avocados on a baking pan or sheet
5. let those egg avocados bake for 15-18 minutes (i stick to 18 mins)
6. voila! o m g egg in an avocado

peanut butter toast w/ banana & honey

ingredients you need: wheat toast, 1 banana, peanut butter, honey (i suggest/love ellis farms honey)
pairing optional: coffee w/ almond milk, red grapes

1. toast a slice of wheat bread
2. smear that peanut butter
3. add sliced banana (and eat the left over banana slices!)
4. drizzle honey
5. voila! 

délicieux et profitez-en! 


p.s. the endless love soundtrack has been playing on repeat at my 'office' you gotta give it a listen! 

(pictures via c's iphone) 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lone Wolf

if you're like us you look forward going to the airport to get your hands on all the newest fashion magazines to read in flight. we may have kindles and ipads, but nothing beats having a magazine or book in your hands... something we hope our kids feel one day too (technology --> curse & a blessing).

we want to intro you to the newest mag we recently came across: lone wolf, a magazine that will feed your soul and intellect- yep we said it, or so the EIC did. lw skips the diet and sex tips and gets down to the educational content (in a way that sucks you in).

the magazine itself is beautiful (see a preview of volume 10 above), but there is substance behind each feature and editorial. who are the readers? the EIC based in san francisco says, "they are driven, hungry and talented as hell." volume 10 is all about 1920/30s in paris and the inspiring creative culture that surrounded this era.

each volume of lone wolf moving forward will feature a style icon of some sort. they choose inspiring women who have done amazing things. any one from an artist to a musician, ect. but women who have been left out of the cultural convo. many layers to this magazine...we plan to order and we think you should too. check it out here. here's to the creative freelancers, dreamers and ladies who want to change the world... this mag may just have your name written all over it.

k, s, & c

(pictures via lone wolf)