Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lone Wolf

if you're like us you look forward going to the airport to get your hands on all the newest fashion magazines to read in flight. we may have kindles and ipads, but nothing beats having a magazine or book in your hands... something we hope our kids feel one day too (technology --> curse & a blessing).

we want to intro you to the newest mag we recently came across: lone wolf, a magazine that will feed your soul and intellect- yep we said it, or so the EIC did. lw skips the diet and sex tips and gets down to the educational content (in a way that sucks you in).

the magazine itself is beautiful (see a preview of volume 10 above), but there is substance behind each feature and editorial. who are the readers? the EIC based in san francisco says, "they are driven, hungry and talented as hell." volume 10 is all about 1920/30s in paris and the inspiring creative culture that surrounded this era.

each volume of lone wolf moving forward will feature a style icon of some sort. they choose inspiring women who have done amazing things. any one from an artist to a musician, ect. but women who have been left out of the cultural convo. many layers to this magazine...we plan to order and we think you should too. check it out here. here's to the creative freelancers, dreamers and ladies who want to change the world... this mag may just have your name written all over it.

k, s, & c

(pictures via lone wolf)


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