Monday, July 21, 2014

Totally Kismet

"a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back
 to you when you have forgotten the words."

fate. destiny. meant to be.

i am not sure if i believe in any of this....entirely. i think you ultimately are the one that makes, creates your destiny, whatever and with whom ever that is. recently though, a friend came back into my life that i can say without a doubt was entirely kismet, fateful, and 100 percent meant to be.

cp and i were best friends in pre-school but eventually lost touch by the time we made it through high took re-connecting at our 10 year high school reunion to make us beg the question, why aren't we hangin out, aka long-lost best friends, now that we both live in chicago?!?

after all these years, cp still knows the song in my heart...a girls dinner date led us to immediately bonding like we hadn't missed a beat since we were 4 years old. we even shared a similar story...heartbreak from the summer before with guys that had each taken us on trips to st. john. heck, the guys almost sounded like they could have been brothers...painstakingly similar. it was as if someone knew what i was feeling and thinking without having to explain it...we started talking about our memories of st. john, a place that we both fell in love with but also a place where we desperately wanted to make new memories and re-claim it as a place of our own.

cp asked me, "have you heard of the 8 Tuff Miles?" i immediately knew where this conversation was going. "i have not, but i am SO in." within just days of dinner, cp and i had booked flights, a place to stay and started our countdown to february 28, 2015. 

the 8 Tuff Miles is the biggest race in the virgin islands, starting at cruz bay taking you directly across the island to coral bay, an extremely hilly terrain with the highest altitude reaching almost 1,000 feet. WE ARE PUMPED. 

what better way to turn 30 this year? alot of training, runs, hill climbing, ending it with a week in the islands with your best friend (don't forget the painkillers, extra nutmeg please!) :). 

totally kismet. 100 percent meant to be. 


p.s. cp, i am so grateful to have you in my life and to share this amazing adventure with you! 

(picture via 8 Tuff Miles)

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