Thursday, June 5, 2014


it didn't take much than a few emails back + forth to become quick virtual friends with alexis then it took one dinner at doc b's fresh kitchen to become fast friends. she is as sweet as it comes, genuine, fun, and happens to be the brains behind citizen stone. one of those friends you can count on for great dinner convo (and quite a few laughs), but also text messages that are lol funny. but back to her biz, she knows what it's like to open a store, make it a success then unexpected events happen that were out of her control which forced her to re-brand and launch citizen stone. she's a winner. without further ado, please virtually meet the lovely alexis...

get to know alexis cozzini of citizen stone... 

chicago is... at it's finest when the weather is warm. although i do love it here in the fall too.

my daily morning routine is... sleep until the last possible second, scroll through emails and social media, and then rush. oddly my dog is not a morning pup either and will sleep until 11am if he feels like it. i have never been into coffee or breakfast, but i have been on a morning smoothie kick for the past few months.

beauty secrets are... recently green juice, and green smoothies have made a hugely noticeable difference in my skin tone, so i'm hooked on those. one of my old standbys though is mixing foundation with moisturizer to lighten it up a bit.

citizen stone is... a lifestyle destination for anyone who loves interior design / decor, home accessories, household items and beauty products. our focus is on artisan designed goods, natural ingredients, quality craftsmanship, and beautiful aesthetics. olive & arrow, our blog, really speaks to the whole concept behind citizen stone. on our blog you will find anything from product reviews for items that we sell, to travel features, to recipes. it's a way to put my inspiration for citizen stone out there.

my style icon is... olivia palermo. she's been an icon of mine since she became popular. classy... always classy. and clearly gorgeous.

when traveling i always pack... a mini garment steamer, static guard, band-aids, antibiotics- LOL!, i like to be prepared! in terms of fashion i always pack at least 2 different blazers or cropped jackets that i can wear day to night, and tons of jewelry. i try to select things to wear a few different ways, and that i can dress up or down, if needed.

i can't live without... the two men in my life: craig bernstein, and otto "the dog" cozzini

what is in your purse? not to be boring, but i've really scaled back on my purse contents over the years. these days i always have a few lip colors, a lip plumper, business cards, hand lotion, gum, and my mophie to recharge my phone on the go.

love is... when your better half makes you a better person.

on a saturday night you can find me... cooking up a storm and struggling to have to choose between 20/20, dateline and 48 hour mystery. i tend to go out during the week. :)

what three words describe citizen stone... alluring, refreshing, relevant

what is the best advice you have ever received? if you're conflicted, trust your gut.


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