Monday, May 12, 2014

Add An Avocado

who doesn't like avocado? we're not sure we trust people who don't like avocados (kidding, sorta). but a couple weeks ago we were intro'd to this new product by kiehls. it's been such a customer hit that it's been tough for them to keep it on their shelves. luckily c snagged a pot of it last week. we all got the chance to try it this past weekend when we had a sleep over for mother's day. we've gotta tell you, this is the best eye cream we have found yet! it's non-greasy and super moisturizing. it's difficult to put it into words, but it feels like you are putting a concentrated water under and around your eyes. it's creamy to touch, but then turns into almost like a liquid when you are smearing it on.

trust us and add an avocado!

k, s, & c

(picture via kiehls)

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