Friday, March 14, 2014

Three for St. Patrick's Day Weekend

another year has come and gone... now it's time for the sea of green to hit chicago once again! we'll kick it all off with the green river dyeing on saturday morning, a wee bit of guinness, jameson and of course green eggs and bloody marys! to top it off, we'll hit up a few of the many irish bars that line the streets of our great city (butch mcguire's, the kerryman, fado... just to name a few!). here are three of our picks for the weekend, whether you're entertaining or hitting the town... we have something for everyone. slainte!

for the past few years, we've hosted a st. patty's day party. you've got to know that after
the breakfast stratas and hash browns disappear, you're going to need a round two. this is the
perfect afternoon snack to satisfy your guests. it's absolutely delish and goes great with a guinness! plus, it's super easy to whip up! check out the recipe here.

s's pick - lucky charm cupcakes
i am making these sweet festive treats to continue
the celebration of c's birthday...

c's pick - butch mcguires
as my dad says i have a hollow leg when it comes to drinking. a true irish gal! when i got home from living in rome for 5 months... my first stop? butches. it's been open for over 50 years and holds not only memories for us three, but also for our parents! you surely can find me here tomorrow for st. pats and really any weekend of the year;)

k, s, & c

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