Monday, January 6, 2014


alright, we are all guilty of the 'going to get in my best shape of my life' resolution. or at least WE definitely are. so that is why all three of us are making very realistic health resolutions this year ...otherwise we know none of them will actually happen. none of that unrealistic weight-loss goal sh*t.

s & k have always been great at getting to the gym. s is an avid runner as she has mentioned in past posts, while k & her hubs go to reform pilates 2-3 times per week AND get to the gym. while c tries very hard to balance work-social-life. it proves to be a wee bit more difficult for her (no this isn't just an excuse).

enter in realistic new years resolution 2014 for k, s, & c: continue going to fitness classes for k and start going to fitness classes for s & c. how does one know which to sign up for and how to keep track of when they are? enter in: TapFit, a new mobile (chicago based) app to find, book, and go to any fitness classes around you... just book the class(es) through them (which is SO easy) and the more you book through TapFit, the better chance of scoring deals and % off on future classes. no commitments, no memberships. they have over 100+ gyms and classes available via their app. are you going to the app store now to download? before you do head on over to here because we have a gift for all of you! $5 toward your first class in credit. yes that means that pure barre class will be $5 less... enter in resolution 2014 of saving money. we're counting our pennies too this year! ;)

get going on that health resolution and download tapfit here. keep up to tweet with them here and officially like them here.

k, s, & c

(picture via c's iphone)

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