Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Outstanding in the Field

 ^ oysters!

dining on a mountain, sea cave, island, or field? a restaurant without walls? yeah, we're down...

while watching the globes the other night, k's hubs showed us the instagram account for outstanding in the field. first off, you must follow them immediately. their photos are insanely amazing. secondly, be sure to join their email list so you can find out when they come to a city near you. the whole concept is something any foodie adventurist would appreciate. they are re-connecting diners with the land where their food comes from and honoring the farmers & food artisans who cultivate it. ingredients for the meal prepared are almost all local and they have a celebrated chef of the region prepare it. we're already hoping they come this summer to chicago...

grant achatz, anthony martin, rick bayless, or stephanie izard... we're keeping our fingers (and toes!) crossed for one of you to be the celebrated chef who prepares chicago's outstanding in the field meal.

k, s, & c

(pictures via outstanding in the field insta)

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