Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get Out Of Town

i don't know about you guys but the start of a new year (post holidaze) makes me want to plan one big trip...or five weekend getaways. it's truly when chicago is brrr, the coldest and something about it being post holidays always has me wanting to jet-set, even if it's for just 36 hours. something you may not know about me is that i love anything nautical (so much that my uncle boogie calls me "lady anchoress", and yes that is a word). anything nautical screams summer to me or just being somewhere warm in general, like florida. kate spade has the right idea and of course is reminding me to do just that... get out of town. now the real question is where to? i don't have enough saved up (yet) for italy, but i have dallas, la, or palm beach on my mind... that deborah lloyd has the right idea when it comes to a jaunt (and those anchors in the current collection) #stys #getoutoftown


get out of town gia
 i am absolutely in love with all KS gias
they double as clutches and a toss in for my bigger bags.

anchors away studs
my fav cocktail (besides breezies) are
anchors away. these earrings
seem appropriate to add to cart. 
know the ropes idiom bangle
 definitely have my eye on the idiom bangles
to layer with this bangle
2 park avenue small beau bag 

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