Saturday, January 11, 2014

A (True) JCrew Wedding

while catching up on my go to blogs and websites this morning, i stumbled on r29's karley mackler wedding photos. i was pulled in immediately. i've always said that all i need for my future wedding is my best friend a.k.a. prince charming, a dress i love, a fully stocked bar, my fam & friends, and great music (live or dj... either/or). i want it to feel more like a get together with my nearest and dearest, rather than a big 'event'. not sure i need e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. when it comes to that big day. it's expensive and it can spiral into something that can have you and your loved ones with headaches. not saying that happens every time, but who hasn't heard stories of drama trauma and someone paying bills off because of their wedding?

anyway, without getting too into it because i don't want the ones who want the big, dream wedding to get p***ed off at me ;) and truth be told who knows maybe i'll end up with a huge kim k like wedding (highly doubtful tho) ... i loved everything about this (jcrew) wedding. the simplicity of it, the happiness and love visible in every photo, the cheese & bread, and the overall feel of laid back elegance.

i think when you look through the jcrew catalogue and hit the wedding pages, it's not anti-bride and bridesmaid but it definitely isn't like your typical wedding spread. i would describe it effortless & simple, but different and still very special. i think this is exactly what this is. this couple had a true jcrew wedding affair and i love everything about it. i prefer for little to no planning when it comes to weekend plans (some of the best nights out start with no plans) and life in general... and i feel like my wedding may just end up reflecting that later in life. cheers to the karley mackler wedding!


(pictures via refinery29)

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