Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sharing the Sunshine

so k, s, & c have been completely MIA for almost a week now (our apologies!)...we ended up having to stay another night in florida...boohoo us right?!? another day away from the cold, snow, and windchill in chicago, no complaints here! as promised last week, we wanted to share a little of the sunshine with you from our trip to miami (we think we all need it this time of year) so put on macklemore white walls, grab a breezy, and pretend you are on a boat as you scroll down (next best thing). hopefully it brings you a smile or inspires you to book your ticket today. ...i’m rollin' out, roof off, letting in sky, i shine, the city never looked so bright....

until next time...

k, s, & c

(pictures via k's iphone)

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