Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Friends Or Favorite Couple?

ok, ok they are just my favorite couple, but last night i was stopped in my tracks at the thompson hotel when i caught a glimpse of the stylish, striking couple. nate berkus and jeremiah brent are a duo to be reckoned with. it's not just their head to toe stylish ensembles or insanely ridiculous good looks that make them worthy of a second glance but they truly are creative interior geniuses. berkus told harper's bazaar how despite their unique tastes, they really are on the same page & see eye to eye on interior design now, "we fight about pizza. not lamps." now the hunt continues for me to find my brent or berkus (straight of course) who sees eye to eye career wise, challenges me, and is stylish (in a straight way of course). do you just swoon over the photos of these two in their los angeles humble abode? i sure do <3 here's to hoping i have another run in with these two (a girl can dream).

(pictures via harper's bazaar)

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