Monday, December 30, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

oh 2013…you have been a doozy. it's been a year of big changes, new challenges and moments of complete insanity (these moments might actually have been some of my most epic and best times of the year in looking back) so in moving into the new year, i have decided to embrace insanity (new year's resolution #1, check!). 

but in looking back, i can confidently say it's also been a year where i have been completely out of my comfort zone. completely. 

so what does that mean? it means i consistently felt out of my element whether it was at my job, on a first date or for once in my life, not having a plan of some sort. my only plan has been to jump in and just keep swimming.  but it's working. it has kept things exciting, new, and different every day. (continue to remain out of my comfort zone, new year's resolution #2, check!)

you might relate to this…i think we so often get caught up in what we think we should be doing or how we think our lives are supposed to be that we lose sight of the fact that life doesn't and shouldn't work like that. i was reading rework (xmas gift from k's husband) last night and jason fried said it best:

"busting your ass planning something important? feel like you can’t proceed until you have a bulletproof plan in place? replace “plan” with “guess” and take it easy. that’s all plans really are anyway: guesses...there’s nothing wrong with guessing, dreaming, or predicting, but it’s not planning. planning’s too definite a term for most things. we often use planning when we really mean guessing. and what we call it has a lot to do with how we think about it, do about it, and devote to next time call a plan a guess and just get to work." (so here's to replacing "plan" with "guess" and taking it easy, new year's resolution #3, check!)

it's really about the day to day stuff and the amazing people you choose to spend your time with...that is what it's really all about. 

here's to the last monday of 2013! make it a good one, keep guessing, and just keep swimming... 


(picture via our cousin s's insta)

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