Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Bestie

i can't recall when we became as close as we are. that whole best friend finish each other's thoughts and sentences, while others think to themselves "what weirdos. they are so close." four... five years ago?! i think the reason why i can't recall it is because i feel like i've known you my whole life. i've lost count of our memorable conversations and unforgettable memories; the rum bar with you, s, & pappachino, homeland marathons where we only break for portillos or 7-eleven nachos, celine dance offs with skinny buddha, any & all of our weekend getaways, or sunday fundays that start at a museum and end with a double or triple feature at landmark theater (with 3 bottles of wine). i think we've realized that we are no longer 22 and able to skip class together to prank phone call restaurants being your alter ego or "study" at skinny buddha's condo while pretending to be black swan, but i know we will always continue to create our own sunshine. the sunshine that only you and me understand. happy birthday bestie #htys- to another year of laughing our hearts away...

to the moon, xx,

(photo of c & t taken by k)

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