Thursday, October 3, 2013


i recently celebrated my 30th birthday with some of my nearest and dearest. my husband threw me a party that ended up making me feel like i was in college again (staying up ‘til the wee hours of the morning and blasting dmb). the next day i got to thinking about the different phases of life...

my twenties were all about discovering who i am. venturing down different paths, meeting new people and quite frankly, being selfish for a bit (i keep telling s & c to be selfish while they still can). thirty marks the decade for me to begin embracing what i’m all about. it's the time to be true to myself, be confident, learn from my past and set goals for the future. it’s the time to accept my flaws, embrace my quirkiness and be proud of everything i’ve accomplished thus far. heck, making it to thirty ain't easy, right?! 

thirty is another year. another year full of endless possibilities and the beginning of the next chapter. yes, my knees might crack a bit more, maybe the occasional lower back pain, gray hair or a new wrinkle… but, c'est la thirty vie! 


(photo via pinterest)

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