Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

my husband and i love to cook. so much that s has asked me how we find the time to do anything else. to be honest, sometimes it doesn't leave much time for other things, but it’s what we enjoy doing. it's fun, relaxing and a great way to tune out. for us, there's nothing better than a great bottle of wine, a delicious home cooked meal and some good tunes (most recently... pandora's vampire weekend station).

last saturday's menu: sweet potato gnocchi with kale, sage + balsamic brown butter

wine pairing: california pinot noir

check out this recipe and more in richard blais's try this at home.

ps. another must try - his vegetable lasagna. untraditional (as are most of his dishes) and absolutely delicious! right, c?! #stys


(photos taken by k)

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